Start Your Own Gold Mine in 45 days with less than US $70,000

Start Your Own Gold Mine in 45 days with less than US $70,000

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What is Start Your Own Gold Mine?

Are you interested to Start Your Own Gold Mine but don’t know where to begin? We can help! With our mentor-guided program, you can start your own gold mine in just 45 days, with less than $70,000 investment in Africa. We provide full assistance, training, and mentorship until you become competent in maintaining, organizing, and managing a small-scale mine.

Our program includes everything you need for sustainable gold production, including location and control over at least one mining license or mining claim, determination of gold-bearing ores on the mining site, necessary equipment for mercury-free gold recovery, and privileged benefits to enjoy resources that have been created since 2012.

Through our mentor-guided program, you will learn how to start and improve your gold mining production from experts who have already achieved success in the industry. Our mentors will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right location to extracting and processing gold. With our help, your small-scale mining business may grow into a medium or large-scale enterprise.

If starting your own gold mining business is not your preference, you may also purchase gold sourced from our mining sites or engage in gold mining investment opportunities with us. Our expertise and experience in the gold mining industry can help you achieve your financial goals.

In summary, whether you want to Start Your Own Gold Mine or invest in gold mining opportunities, our program provides you with all the necessary resources, knowledge, and guidance to succeed. With our mentorship, you can turn your dreams of a successful gold mining business into a reality!

Start Your Own Gold Mine is a comprehensive and all-inclusive business consulting program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own profitable gold mining production. With our integrated and turnkey approach, our program is straightforward and easy to follow, allowing clients to begin their own gold mining operation within 45 days of registering their company and being on site.

Our expert guidance and mentorship provide everything you need to get your gold mining business up and running successfully. From assessing the viability of your chosen location to obtaining necessary equipment and licenses, and implementing mercury-free gold recovery methods, our program covers all aspects of the gold mining business startup process.

With Start Your Own Gold Mine, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best in gold mining business startup consulting. We’re passionate about teaching our clients how to succeed in the gold mining industry, and our track record of success speaks for itself.

Due to the inherent risks associated with gold mining businesses, we understand that it can be a daunting endeavor. That’s why we created Start Your Own Gold Mine, a comprehensive startup service designed to minimize risks and give clients specialized gold mining and recovery training necessary to run their own successful gold mining operation.

Our program provides extensive mentorship and guidance, equipping our clients with the knowledge and competencies necessary to mitigate risks and ensure the sustainable production of gold. With Start Your Own Gold Mine, you can take advantage of our expert industry knowledge and benefit from our experience in minimizing risks associated with gold mining ventures.

The business program Start Your Own Gold Mine is the Wealth Generation Plan as authored and designed by Mr. Jean Louis and the company RCD Wealth.

Our Wealth Generation Plan, Start Your Own Gold Mine, is designed to assist our clients in generating income and accumulating wealth within a reasonable timeframe, allowing for a faster return on investment and ultimately providing financial freedom.

Although gold recovery and mining activities provide a livelihood for millions of miners in East Africa, the Start Your Own Gold Mine program may not be suitable for everyone. In order to ensure success, clients must learn and engage in training, practical application of gold recovery methods, and proper management of staff and available resources to effectively establish and run the organization.

You will learn and understand how to Start Your Own Gold Mine through a mentor guided program and how to improve your gold mining production, or alternatively you may purchase gold sourced from our mining sites or engage in gold mining investment opportunities.

At present, there exist two distinct Wealth Generation Plans available for those interested in launching a small-scale gold mining operation - the Basic or Sharing program for US $22,000 and Full program for $66,000. It is possible that such a start-up may flourish and eventually expand to medium or large-scale mining ventures.

Introduction Video and Definitions


Contact Information

==== Contact Start Your Own Gold Mine in Uganda


Mercury Free Gold Recovery Limited
Director Jean Louis
Kyebando Central

Phone: +256-706-271-008
SMS: +256-706-271-008
Telegram: @rcdrun
LinkedIn: LinkedIn


Benefits for clients[Start Your Own Gold Mine] is practical consulting and training program for gold mining business where all necessary resources, material, equipment, details, Know-How, staff xref:recruitment-pool[recruitment pool], accommodation for staff members, are prepared and provided to client.

You[Start Your Own Gold Mine] in 45 days with less than US $70,000 Africa with full help, training, assistance, mentorship until your become competent in maintaining, organizing and managing small scale mine.

[#recruitment-pool] ==== Recruitment pool

Our xref:recruitment-pool[recruitment pool] is number of people we know not only in the mining industry. We know mining engineers, metallurgists, geologists, and beside those we know administrators, personal assistants, economists, accountants, guides, cooks, maids and you name it.



==== Major resources provided to our clients

Major gold mining resources provided to our clients are following:

  1. Full legal setup for client is provided in terms of company registration, provision of local directors, assistance with bank accounts and basic trade licenses.

  2. xref:recruitment-pool[Recruitment pool] of several thousands of skilled people related to mining industry in East African countries Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Staff members are trained by our company and provided to client’s company during the Start Your Own Gold Mine program.

  3. Mining location with tangible gold bearing ores. We recommend to our clients mining locations with tangible gold bearing ores so that business may start quickly and within days. Thus only proven mining locations or mineral processing locations are provided to client. We make sure that tangible gold bearing ore will be available for client for quick startup with gold recovery and gold mining. We do not provide empty or plain and not developed mining lands to our clients unless clients choose it so.

  4. Mining license and/or mineral processing license. We help the client to obtain either the mining license or mineral processing license. In case of citizens' held licenses, clients are advised to sign up agreements of joint venture or partnerships to use the available local citizen’s license. Options to directly hold licenses are available.

  5. Basic gold mining and gold recovery equipment is provided to the client. The program for US $22,000 provides to client during the training stage the extensible[SYOGM™ Gold Recovery Plant] with the volume capacity of 80 tonnes of soft ores per day or 10 tonnes per hour. Proper organization of the work force may raise the capacity to few hundred tonnes per day. We can proudly claim that we can teach every client on how to get gold and how to properly use gold recovery methods.

  6. Training, guidance, consulting and mentorship. Client is guided and consulted through one or more assigned mentors in various aspects of doing gold mining business. Geologists may be assigned to client to train client in recognition of gold bearing veins. Mining engineers may be assigned to consult the client on gold production lines. Metallurgists may be hired and assigned to client to help him devise more efficient methods of gold recovery. Attorneys and advocates and accountants may be assigned to assist the client in legal and tax matters. Our face to face consultants will be guiding the client through each of necessary steps so that training is successfully delivered to our client.

  7. Privileged Benefit is conditional and additional[gold recovery and gold mining equipment] provided by our company and worth more than US $60,000. In order to help the client achieve the gold production of several initial kilograms of gold, we will provide equipment in our possession, whatever it may be, or whatever we may provide such as air compressors, jackhammers, pneumatic drills, containers for storage or accommodation, brick making machines for buildings on mining sites, jaw crushers for continuous lode and rock crushing, rock impact mills and ball mills for grinding and milling of the gold bearing ores, cranes, lifts, ore buckets, sluices and whatever other equipment may be necessary to help the client and our side, so that initial few kilograms may be produced by client.

==== Benefits by using our resources

By using Start Your Own Gold Mine readyavailable resources you are gaining following benefits:

It would be very expensive to start the adventure on your own and it would take with best efforts at least six months or longer, when you come to Africa to start from the beginning in this business. You would spend a minimum of US $50,000 during the research stage, probably way more, and not to mention that you would have to solve the problems about people who give you intentionally false information or problems about the corruption that is widely present. Any corruption and crime is reported from our side and we never enter into suspicious transactions.

Foreigners may make mistakes in a new country. They may be lured into corruption cases and in the end could be expelled from the country or even end up in jail. It can happen just by simple and innocent mistake, such as it is buying a single diamond, when you don’t have a proper license for it.

Our resources already exist: established businesses, lodging, office, staff, interpreters, pumps, beds, houses, land and location, contracts with licensees, machinery, generators, solar energy, pipes, boilers, water tanks and so on.

Such resources are used in the Start Your Own Gold Mine program.

Otherwise, if you do not make use of the existing resources, the cost would be much higher in the first stage, and you would spend months and months more just to establish your own location. We want to avoid it.

Countries available to Start Your Own Gold Mine

Our group have legal establishments in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. We may potentially work in any of the East African countries such as Burundi, South Sudan but also the Democratic Republic of Congo.

While we may offer the consulting for business startup to Start Your Own Gold Mine in many other countries, the[Privileged Benefit] is available only in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania for the time being as of 2024-05-29[The program] is available in any country of the world, where three types of ores may be processed with gravitational gold recovery methods and where such consulting may be legally provided.

Client’s training is conducted on the ground in the country of choice. Yet, the major parts of training can also be conducted anywhere within Europe or other locations in the world, as long as additional expenses are covered.

==== Pre-negotiated mining claims per country ++++

Country name Number of mining site
Tanzania, United Republic Of 332
Uganda 13
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The 2
Ghana 2
Zambia 1
Turks And Caicos Islands 1
Congo 1
Sierra Leone 1
Liberia 1
Benin 1

(10 rows)


Start Your Own Gold Mine in 45 days with US $22,000

The Start Your Own Gold Mine program for the consulting fee of US $22,000 provides a client with a full bundle of previously created and prepared resources so that first 5 kilograms of gold may be produced and shared between the client and our company by the ratio of 3 kilograms for client and 2 kilograms for our company. Upon completion of full training and production of 5 kilograms of gold, business remains to client for the future.

Clients are expected to have more available capital then the fee that is paid in Start Your Own Gold Mine for their expenses of accommodation or residency expenses.

Benefits of the SYOGM™ Sharing Program

  1. Matrix Gold Prospecting program to make sure of the existence of gold bearing ores on a mining site.

  2. Determined and found gold bearing ores on a mining site with the estimate for future.

  3. Control of at least one Primary Mining License upon successful completion of the Matrix Gold Prospecting.

  4. SYOGM™ Gold Recovery Plant for 80 tonnes per day for crushed hard rock ores and alluvial gold from soil.

  5.[Privileged benefit] to use additional mining equipment for excavation of ores and hard rock crushing, until first 5 kilograms have been produced.

  6. Full training in organization, management, gold production line, until the client has become competent to run the gold mine.

Obligations in SYOGM™ Sharing Program

  1. Client is obliged to share the first 5 kilograms by the ratio of 3 kilograms of gold for the client and 2 kilograms of gold for our company Start Your Own Gold Mine.

  2. Client is obliged, in case of absence or inability, to allow the full management of the mining business to our company, to be able to accomplish the first gold production.

  3. To share the proceedings with the license holder by agreed and in future negotiated ratio from minimum 1% and up to 50%, ratio usually being 10%.

Start Your Own Gold Mine in 45 days with US $66,000

The Start Your Own Gold Mine program for the consulting fee of US $66,000 provides a client with a full bundle of previously created and prepared resources without sharing with our company, and with the basic mining equipment so that no rental, usage, or borrowing of mining equipment will be required. Additionally, a mining license is obtained to the benefit of the client with 100% equity and without sharing with the license holder.

Clients are expected to have some more capital available for the expenses of accommodation, health, residency or other issues.

Benefits of Full Start Your Own Gold Mine Program

  1. Matrix Gold Prospecting program to make sure of the existence of gold bearing ores on a mining site.

  2. Determined and found gold bearing ores on a mining site with the estimate for future.

  3. Control of at least one Primary Mining License upon successful completion of the Matrix Gold Prospecting.

  4. Control of at least one Primary Mining License with 100% equity out of the exploitation of gold bearing ores.

  5. Excavation mining equipment for at least 3 tonnes per hour in capacity.

  6. Rock crushing equipment for at least 3 tonnes per hour in capacity.

  7. SYOGM™ Gold Recovery Plant for 80 tonnes per day, including the crushed ores and alluvial gold from soil.

  8.[Privileged benefit] to use additional mining equipment for excavation of ores and hard rock crushing upon separate agreements.

  9. Full training in management and organization of the gold mine, until the client has become competent to reach the estimated gold production with the available capacity.

Obligations in Full Start Your Own Gold Mine Program

  1. To pay a fixed and low fee or monthly fee to the mining license holder, without sharing the proceedings out of the exploitation.

  2. To finish full training of the Start Your Own Gold Mine program in organization and management of a gold mine, so that client becomes competent.

Possible developments after the startup

While we provide consulting for the startup to be conducted by client, your small scale mining business may grow into medium and large scale mining.

We may help with the development to provide client with information so that informed decisions may be made on additional developments and investment.

The Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection reports and extensive additional exploration and prospecting activities may provide substantial information for further developments by the client.

Types of gold bearing ores

We are mining and processing the three types of free-milling ores as below:

  1. The lode or gold bearing rocks, then

  2. Alluvial or placer ores, and

  3. Tailings that may origin from both lode or alluvial operations.

We target the free milling ores in lode or rocks, and do not engage in processes with refractory ores unless there are special arrangements.

Our headquarter and branches

Our international legal headquarter is located in Tacoma, WA, United States, from where majority of technically advanced equipment is sourced from. Director holding position in Tacoma, WA, USA is Mr. Rick Phipps.

Manufacture of gold mining equipment is taking place in United States, then in Uganda, Tanzania, then in Europe in Croatia and in China. Majority of good quality mining equipment for small scale mining we are importing from Europe and manufacturing it ourselves.

In Croatia in Europe we manufacture major parts of equipment and export such to East African countries Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Company in Tanzania

START YOUR OWN GOLD MINE LIMITED is private company limited by shares with the company number being 127856, and registered in Tanzania. Reach by using email or phone +256626100000

Company in Uganda

Company GOLDIVANTI GOLD LIMITED is registered in Uganda. Reach us email or phone to +256771843538.

Any company related to Mr. Jean Louis may provide resources to our clients in whatever country it is based.

Start Your Own Gold Mine in United States

==== Main company in USA

Start Your Own Gold Mine LLC + Colorado Springs, CO 80907 + UNITED STATES +

==== Administrative and Legal headquarter in USA



Start Your Own Gold Mine Services

Our company[Start Your Own Gold Mine] provides international gold[prospecting, exploration and mining services].

We work with professional gold prospectors, mining engineers and geologists to bring about best results on small scale mining level.

By using the[EQV Formula] as invented by Mr. Jean Louis, we are looking into every gold mining situation by well define method. We assess the Equipment and its capacity, the Quality of ores and gold and present and in future processed Volume of ores.

Operating expenses and all other expenses related to the mining operation are minimized through[prospecting, exploration and mining services] based on the[Expanded EQV Formula].

Skilled Prospector Course

The Skilled Prospector course is a certificate issued by our company Start Your Own Gold Mine for people that successfully finish the following curriculum:

  1. Gold characteristics, the subject that includes the specific gravity of gold, malleability, ductility, nugget shapes, gold particle size groups, the color and variety of colors expected.

  2. Precious metals, such as gold, platinum, rhodium, silver, palladium, iridium.

  3. Legality where client learns about the basics of licensing requirements, specific country licensing requirements and types of licenses, basics of company registration, specifics related to company registration, general land rental agreements, employment agreements, Mining Acts and Employment Acts, environmental regulations, and prospecting rules related to environment

  4. Environment, that is the part where we handle the subjects of pollution and environmental issues, mercury pollution and impact on environment, impact of lode mining on environment, impact of alluvial mining on environment, impact of tailings processing on environment, Environmental Impact Assessment process and self-monitoring requirements.

  5. Gold Geology

  6. Reading a stream and understanding deposits

  7. Planning for Prospecting is the part where prospector learns about legality, does site visits, verifies the gold, understand the relations on the mining sites and mine site resources, learns how to use maps, and how to make decisions for proper equipment purchases, which supplies to purchase, and the preparation of equpment.

  8. Gold panning we consider one of most important activities.

  9. Sluices and construction f spray bars, its operation, removal of concentrates, mobile sluices, setting up and mounting HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes and couplings, setting up larger classifiers and arrays of sluices.

  10. Special methods

  11. Placer Prospecting

  12. Lode Prospecting

  13. Sampling and assaying ores

  14. Matrix Gold Prospecting, alluvial and lode prospecting and the Tailings Sampling Project.

  15. Equipment manufacture and usage is the part where our prospectors and apprentices learn about manufacturing of feeders, spray bars, grizzly bars, various types of mattings for gold recovery, sluice manufacturing, running and operating rock impact mills, water pumps, solar panels, generators, etc.

  16. Full production process is the part where prospector learns how to hadle people, how to supervise mine site, how to organize people on the mining site, how to use the gold mining equipment, how to run multiple teams, how to run the medium field prospecting sluice, how to collect the gold concentrates, how to classify the concentrate of gold into particle size groups, how to conduct the final gold panning, how to assay gold, how to evaluate the gold and how to sell gold in easy manner.

The above prospecting course and training may be conducted anywhere in the world where clients are located, while most easiest is in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania, where we have our legal establishments.

Gold prospecting services

We can conduct[gold prospecting services] on mining sites throughout the world. We will gladly search for gold in harder to reach areas, drill for alluvial gold in forest or jungle, or dive deep into the river or lakes to find gold nuggets concentrated on their bedrocks.

Gold panning, dredging, dry washing, sluicing, assaying are all well known subjects, and we will gladly provide services of gold prospecting.

We can use metal detectors to detect presence of gold nuggets of certain size on large surface areas.

Gold panning is most important gold prospecting method that just every prospector and miner need to know.

Drilling is major prospecting service the may discover alluvial, eluvial and lode gold existence. We currently provide drilling services for soft soil down to 60 meters deep.

Gold mineral exploration

Gold mineral exploration is][more extensive service] than gold prospecting.

It consists of more serious steps required to determine the existence of gold ores on a certain area of land.

It may require provision of borehole drilling, core drilling, trenching and larger excavations.

Gold mineral exploration has a purpose to determine the feasibility and methods of future mining.

We are engaging in gold exploration business under conditions that goals, purposes, plans and policies of a client are in harmony with our own gold mining business.

Gold bearing ore discovery

The purpose of gold exploration is discovery of mineral named gold in sufficient quantities so that mining operation in future may become profitable.

When we refer to discovery of gold, we do not just mean simple finding of gold particles or few nuggets.

We are searching for gold bearing ore or also known as auriferous ore.

The purpose of gold bearing ore discovery project is to find sufficient ore bodies in order to estimate the future gold mining production.

Sampling and assaying services

We will provide sampling services on mining site, proper storage, assaying and analysis of minerals.

==== Summary of Tailings Sampling Project

  1. Subsample taking
  2. Coning and quartering
  3. Sample shipping to laboratory
  4. Group particle size analysis
  5. Stockpile volume measurements
  6. Specific density measurement
  7. Recoverable gold determination without grinding
  8. Recoverable gold determination after grinding
  9. Comparison of sampling reports
  10. Final feasibility report

Borehole drilling

We can provide any type of borehole drilling including:

  1. Mobile core drilling and hard rock assaying on hard to access locations

  2. Alluvial drilling of soft soil down to 10-15 meters

  3. Reverse Circulation Drilling or RCD

  4. Percussion Rotary Air Blast drilling

  5. Diamond core drilling services

About gold mining risks[Gold mining] can be a very subjective business that sometimes can be thought of, as looking for a needle in a hay stack. Sometimes even the wealthiest mining companies experience failure when exploring and mining for gold.

The company,[Start Your Own Gold Mine], offers clients an introductory course and training into gold mining at a modest cost in time and money, yet it is thorough and an effort is made to adequately meet every conceivable challenge of small scale gold mining.

Still, the location of gold especially in high concentration is the result of variety of factors, including the client’s work ethic, attitude, tenacity, and willingness to follow instruction and heed all consultation.

The adherence to all good social and legal norms has as much to do with the degree of success the client will have or not have as all that is made available to client through client’s participation in the program Start Your Own Gold Mine.

Gold mining cannot offer absolute guarantee of financial gains or the attainment of limitless wealth. And each party being of sound reason shall accept and recognize all the inherent associated risks of gold mining.

Consultant as an expert, through its efforts and resources offers its best consultation, guidance, and mentoring to client, reasonable and attainable success, but can offer no absolute guarantees.

General Postulates

Client is assisted in creating, in building, in establishing his or her gold mining start up business with the understanding that Client in particular desires assistance in starting up a small scale gold mine operation.

The Consultant provides guidance, and that guidance needs to be followed in detail and spirit of complete adherence and cooperation, executed by Client.

However, the consultant neither provides Client the actual start up gold mine nor can take responsibility for the Client’s gold mining company financial eventuality as a profitable growing business concern or failure.

The only assurance client can depend on is to produce or have produced for them 3 kilograms of gold, ideally considered pure gold, and net after expenses and taxes if any.

Client must understand and accept that in order to export their gold outside on the country they may be subject to export procedures or laws, and need to pay an export fee as well as possibly pay other related fees.

In such an instance client may look to consultant for assistance in such a matter. This is however also not an obligation since there is a requirement for client to perform as detailed in the agreement and consider the attainment of their 3 kilograms of gold, ideally calculated pure, as a goal to be worked for.

Consultant represents having proven expert knowledge and experience in small scale mining operation start up at it’s training and assistance locations in East Africa and based on such experience offers client assistance, guidance, and consulting in achieving positive small scale mining start up results.

During Client’s participation in consultant’s start up gold mine assistance program if client is busy or unable for some reason to follow consultant’s advise or call to action Consultant shall be undeniably authorized to execute actions on behalf of the Client.

If Client is not working on the program, as designed, outlined, and specified by Consultant then neither can consultant give Client the assurance of a positive outcome from participation in Consultant’s gold mine start up assistance program and there will exist the possibility that Client will not realize a successful gold mine start up for which the Consultant bares no responsibility nor obligation to provide Client with continued services or benefits.

Consultant and or it’s representatives are not providing a startup solely by themselves. They provide guidance, consulting, and mentorship for the startup of the small gold mining operation.

Meet the mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine

Thank you for your interest in starting your own gold mine and investing in gold.

My name is Jean Louis and I am consultant in the program to Start Your Own Gold Mine.


My goal is to offer to our clients sustainable small scale gold mining business, by advising them, offering the guidance, consulting and our already established resources.

On the other hand, we are gaining on our side not only some kilograms of gold from the Client, but also new equipment and goodwill.

Since 2002. I have started, opened, registered, incorporated more than few hundreds of international businesses and helped worldwide entrepreneurs and businessmen to start their own varieties of businesses.

In few of the Eastern European, former socialist countries, as a pioneer in gold trade, I have caused a true gold rush in terms of purchasing old, scrap gold. Many shops and businesses have opened and followed my business incentives.

You are being offered a productive, your own gold mining business, under my personal supervision until you have produced first five kilograms of gold.

And when I say 5 kilograms, I mean net, after expenses and taxes. It should be understandable that your total amount of gold produced will be more than 5 kilograms.

Once you are able to produce 5 kilograms, you will be able to continue your business for as long as you wish.

And you will be sharing the gold with us in the ratio of 3 kilograms for you, and 2 kilograms for us. Even if the initial consulting fee is just US $22,000, the total fee is to include the additional 2 kilograms of gold.

That is why and how we may offer the business startup program with such a low cost investment.

Once the program is finished, you may continue running your own gold mine for as long as you wish. At that time point, you will be skilled, trained, and with the full understanding on how to run your own gold mining business.

You will also have the mineral rights to at least one of the licensed mining sites, worth at least US $200,000.

Our headquarter company Start Your Own Gold Mine is located in[Tacoma, Washington, United States]. Our bank account is with the[Wells Fargo] bank. That is where the fee of US $22,000 is going to be paid in, upon the contract sign up. Let us be clear on that.

For those that wish to avoid sharing of gold without our company, the full program fee of US $66,000 includes the equipment to handle both hard rocks and alluvial gold, the contracted mineral rights to at least one licensed mining site with plenty of gold that are to be proven before the digging and mineral processing is to begin.

The information and description is accurate and straightforward.

I can help you with your first gold mining activity. You are well guided. You will go straight to the gold production time, within only 45 days upon your company registration in the country. Your claim and mining land is free. It is going to be organized for you and it is worth at least US $100,000.

Much of previous research and resources are available for your project. You are getting more than expected. The offer is there and may soon run out.

P.S. This is adventure

This is adventure. You must be ready for risks, mosquitoes, weather of 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit, you must be ready for rough roads, accidents, dirty bathrooms or lack of bathrooms and toilets and most of all the fun. It may become your most pleasurable adventure you ever had. Or it may become your another nightmare.

What can you achieve through Start Your Own Gold Mine program?

  1. Learn and understand how to legally and efficiently start a small scale mining company.

  2. Understand all necessary legalities involved and become able to implement the legal strategies.

  3. Understand and acquire prospecting and assaying skills helping you understand where is the tangible gold bearing ore, and where is the gold.

  4. Understand about most efficient technologies and its scalability and how to apply those which are most practical and efficient.

  5. Become competent in gold recovery methods.

  6. Learn how to manage a mining site and how to take over existing mining sites.

  7. Obtain kilograms of gold and profits.

  8. Learn how to scale the gold mining business.

We have started in 2012. our first gold mining operation

Don’t make mistakes in understanding of this explanation. My English may not be the best, and we may make errors in writing. You should make your questions and clarify any misunderstandings.

Our clients and myself, we have got all problems due to mistakes in understanding, and also in errors in my writing on this website.

I am putting effort that there are no misunderstandings, yet there may be such.

A start does not mean that there is immediate income. Once you start your own gold mine, you will have the gold mine, equipment, mineral rights and people working. It required mining and hard work, to obtain the results. There is no specified time to produce the first 5 kilograms of gold. The program is to take as long as it takes.

Once we have started our own first production, back in 2012, we have produced gold in Tanzania, yet we have not made any income at that time.

Income is the difference between the full expenses including taxes and the sales of gold obtained through gold mining.

Gold production alone does not constitute income.

It requires the knowledge of administration and taxes to understand what is an income.

When you Start Your Own Gold Mine, you need to work and put efforts to obtain the first kilograms of gold. We have done our best on our side, that it becomes possible, provided you are following the guidance and consulting advises.

For income to come into existence, effort is required. We are providing the guidance and consulting that you put focus on proper efforts, so that you may gain true results in the program to Start Your Own Gold Mine.

Our associated company[GOLDIVANTI LP] have started and registered the company in Tanzania in 2012 with intention to trade gold. Instead of commencing trade of gold, we were forced to realize that cheap gold is not available in the country. As our Exit Strategy we have started gold mining in Tanzania.

We have signed up the contract with our local partner for the usage of the Primary Mining License. And we have got initially 11 licenses. During the next days and weeks, we have partnered with other small scale miners in Geita, Tanzania. And started producing first gold.

I personally believe that the best investment in gold is having our own gold production. Personally, I would be very happy if I could have someone to lead me and direct the work just as I am offering it to you.

We had to invest a lot to get to the first grams of gold. And we did it.

Our investment has gained a lot of resources, and with those resources, we may offer this consulting program to our clients.

From 2012 to 2020

Since 2012. we have helped businessmen to open their companies and business in Tanzania.

Before our own mining startup, we required many months to research the best methods for the gold recovery. Negotiations and research of mining lands in 2012 did take its time, money and energy. Negotiating the joint venture deals is not easy in general.

You are not going to follow the long path to success through all the burdens of exploration, self-learning and duration. You are going to be kick-started into gold mining business within 45 days upon your company registration in Tanzania. Yes, 45 days only.

With the knowledge and experience I have acquired, you are here to learn about the turnkey gold mining solution, so that gold production may begin within 45 days upon your company registration in the country

Today we have business establishment and provision of the consulting program Start Your Own Gold Mine in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, and we may attend locations in Liberia or Ivory Coast in soon future.

Complete control and management of the gold mining company

My first dealings with gold started very early, and through all the years and care to do the business safely, I have later in 2010. started with business of recycling of old gold, gold scrap, and other precious metals such as platinum.

Anyone being in such business do not want to risk with the gold price. I have decided to open up my own gold mining in order to minimize risks with the gold price fluctuations. And I was right.

It is way easier to obtain gold from gold mining, than through the trade of gold.

In this business, you may have complete control and may monitor and manage the business yourself, or you may decide to choose or to delegate the management to us. It’s your decision.

Most of all it is recommended that you have a complete insight into the business through our consulting and guidance service.

Profits may be substantial, yet the business depends mostly on the intention and persistence of its managers, both you and us.

We do have the necessary amount of intention and persistence. We are here to teach you, demonstrate you, lead and guide you through the first stages of gold production until you are able to properly copy, replicate and continue such gold mining business yourself.

You may later choose either to stop, as you will have acquired minimally three kilograms of gold in profits, or you may choose to manage such business yourself in the future, or eventually to delegate the management to our supervised management and earn profits on distance.

We have the necessary dose of intent and the necessary dose of persistence in achieving those goals.

The aim is a long-term and sustainable production of gold.

Earnings may be considerable, and in any case, you should be able to produce several kilograms of gold per month, even with a small investment in machinery, equipment, gold recovery technology, facilities, safety, and operational costs.

It is your own gold mining company

Your own gold mining company could be running within 45 days from its registration. There are conditions to be met for quick startup and clients need to fulfill their duties as without their presence or with the delay of the client, startup may be also delayed.

Under our consulting and guidance and management services your own gold mining company may be producing clean gold within 45 days from the day of its registration in the country of choice in East Africa.

The assumed and agreed condition for that to happen is that you, our client, must be on the ground and engaged in business.

This program is meant for beginning miners, gold prospectors or people wishing to invest into their own business or those who are already considering to begin with the gold mining business. You may be also interested in passive income while having managers to run the company in Tanzania.

Gold mining company structures

Our current projects are being developed in the Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

We may develop projects in other countries, but that is what is on offer now under the project Start Your Own Gold Mine™ and for the fee of US $22,000.

If we are to provide the same type of the program in Ghana, or some other countries, the full fee is US $66,000 due to the factor of expenses.

Most affordable is to start in Tanzania, as our company has most of resources in Tanzania.

Company ownership may be structured in the manner as you advise or as you are advised for the optimum tax incentives.

You may hold and own your company entirely yourself. You may use another company, or your local company or an offshore company for confidential ownership of your own gold mining business. It is also possible to retain ownership and control through contracts which would not be visible in the public registry. It all depends how much privacy you seek.

Within the program to Start Your Own Gold Mine™, you will acquire, own and control your own gold mining company, either under your own, direct and public individual ownership or under company holding ownership. Advice and structure of the ownership of such gold mining company is included as part of our service of consulting and guidance.

Accounting will be handled by our staff and certified public accountants

Tax free income from your own gold mine

Depending of your tax residency or business structure, we may design that profits arising from your own gold mine, are paid almost tax free, after the taxes in local country in East Africa.

That is possible due to various constellations that might be possible with the production of gold.

Together with our legal advisers we devise exclusively legal plans.

In general, in many countries, purchase and sale of investment gold may be tax free. In some countries, profits arising outside of the country may be tax free and for some people receiving dividends from business companies may be tax free.

We are going to look into your business and tax situation, depending of your residency and laws, and we may design preferable agreements which you may use to receive the tax free funds and profits out of your own gold mine.

Instead of profits in money, it is also possible to receive gold bullion or gold bars out of the gold mining production.

A prepaid forward contract for purchase of gold or gold production agreements may be contracts which you may close with your own company.

Once investment gold bullion and gold bars have been delivered to you, you may store them as investment or alternatively, you may sell them and gain profits tax free.

It really depends of your own tax residency and business structure. We may help and assist you with proper setup, and we have contacts to attorneys and accountants that may advise you further on taxes and legal matters.

Kick-starting the gold mining business

Due to all the previously established and ready resources as provided from our side, such as available licensed mining sites, mining licenses, skilled people or labor, efficient gold recovery technology, and[privileged benefits to use the mining machinery], you are kick-starting the mining business.

You are kick-starting the gold mining business, without much preparation on your side.

You are saving considerable amounts of money, as you will avoid all the research, exploration, preparation, talks, and numerous failures that we have already gone through.

Management and control of gold mining company

There are two ways of management and control of your own gold mining business provided under consulting, guidance and management services of our company:

  1. Gold mining project that you are going to continue managing without our assistance

  2. Gold mining project under delegated management rights.

You are going to learn how to manage your own gold mining business

Under our supervision, consulting, guidance and management, you are going to spend one to three months, even more, until you have successfully produced first quantity of gold. In fact, we are making sure that you succeed. It is our responsibility that you become able to begin your own gold production.

That is learning process where you are following steps, reading through the documentation, understanding legal and practical aspects of the gold mining business, and train yourself in handling people and management of the project. You are being assisted throughout the beginning stage, and you may either sit down and watch what we are doing or involve yourself in the business. That is entirely up to you. We advise you to actively involve yourself.

After successful first one to three months of your learning process, you will become able to control, manage and run your own gold mine.

Running your own gold mine under our supervision and management

After you have successfully produced the first quantity of gold in your own gold mine, you will be convinced that your gold mine or gold recovery business is giving results.

Our award will be paid after you have already got profits, in fact, we are going to receive the next small quantity of gold for our company, as award for the consulting, guidance, management and initial production of gold.

That is going to be one time payment in gold or equivalent amount of money, as agreed upon final contract.

You are paying the consulting fee once you have obtained first results: gold.

After that, you may decide to run your own business yourself or you may delegate the management to us. If we monitor and control, or manage your business and your own gold mine, you would be in Joint Venture with our company, or partnership, and you would be receiving certain agreed and larger percentage of gold production, while we would be retaining smaller percentage of the profits for management of your own business.

Available resources for client

We have been investing since 2002. into variety of businesses, including business as gold scrap dealer, gold trade and investment in diamonds.

Through the time, we have acquired new companies, opened up new branches in the world, and gained valuable connections, know-how and experience.

Resources that we have created are in place and ready to be used, free of charge, for your own gold mining project.

To open a gold mine in a short time is very difficult.

It takes many months of preparation and then a lot of travel, interviews, analysis, employment of people of various qualifications, exploring and finding adequate land claims with gold deposits, building houses for employees, providing security, training staff, finding good locations, concluding contracts and closing Joint Ventures with license holders.

With our previously established resources, connections, Know-How, mining equipment, your wish to Start Your Own Gold Mine may come true.

Available resources

There are following available resources that you may be using, depending of the agreements, and those may be used to lessen your financial burdens, and to minimize the risks in business:

Previously inspected mining sites, with licenses or without, where client may spare the time in assessing the feasibility, the business and living resources, and confirming the existence of gold and gold bearing ores, these mining sites may contain already resources for our clients, such as crushing machines, many deep mining shafts with ore bodies open for exploitation, water sources, xref:recruitment-pool[people available for recruitment right away], timber, houses for offices and accommodation, pipes, pumps, winches, metal containers, recirculating water pools, and many other resources that may be ready for mining operations,

Those are the resources. Resources that we already have, you may use during your startup stage to open up your own gold mining business. The resources that we have established are precisely the reason why we can offer you such consulting and guidance to open up your own gold mine.

Turnkey gold mining business in East Africa

Start Your Own Gold Mine provides assistance, consulting, guidance and management and offers you a complete turnkey gold mining business.

Available locations are Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

You are getting the following valuable product:

This production course requires persistence and intention, and our group has the necessary dosage of both.

It is rare to find someone willing to share their business secrets and offer a complete solution for running a gold mine. We would be happy if someone could provide the same training, guidance, and consulting for us as we do for our clients.

This is why it is a unique opportunity.

Initial expenses and minimal investment required

Having place of life in East Africa, local small scale miners do not need much to invest in order to start gold mining activities, as it is required for a foreign investor.

The small scale miner who lives at the mining site, where he has a mud made house and his family, and two or three children, he uses a pick and shovel, as tools both attached to the same shaft as his only venture or investment. Even for that tool he can get a loan and pay it later to a local blacksmith. Tools are produced out there on the land, right away, a real blacksmith produces tools and hammers the iron on the wheel of the truck, and metal is being heated by using a hand run air pump. For a local small scale miner investment amount may be as low as zero or 3,500 Tanzanian Schilling or around US $2.5 for a necessary tool.

It is possible to produce gold for someone living there, almost without any investment but self determined work.

Yet the above example refers to local miners, and not local businessman. It would be impossible to even think of obtaining a license without serious investment capital amount.

We are foreigners in East Africa and we spend few thousands dollars just to prepare and arrive to the country. We have totally different schedule of expenses than local Tanzanians.

Expenses and minimal investment amounts for foreigners are higher than for local Tanzanian citizens.

Some initial expenses

Unfortunately, for us foreigners, it is not possible to have it easy like local East African citizens, Tanzanians, Kenyans, or Ugandans, we ought to always pay a business visa at the entrance, it has been U.S. $250 or about €200 for each person. Then we are required to do business through a company, incorporation and startup costs approximately another few thousands of dollars.

We are bound by the law to evidence an office or commercial space, and also we want to have the accommodation for people. There are houses for rent at few thousand dollars per year payable in advance. So right away we have to pay for 12 months ahead with the necessary home and office, you would then be able to go to the tax office and get the tax identification number (TIN). There are several thousands of dollars or dollars in expenses just before we can get a simple tax number.

Diesel or gasoline is cheaper in Tanzania in comparison to some other countries, approximately 50% cheaper than in Europe, the price being almost the same for both types of fuel. But every time we require the use of off-road vehicles, because the asphalt there is present only on main roads and off-road vehicles consume more than ordinary passenger cars. That means for every “exit and return from the field” it can be calculated about US $100 to $200 in expenses.

There are other expenses such as:

Levels of investment required

The level of investment in a gold mine we may divide into two initial groups:

  1. a minimum investment for initial expenses is about US $22,000, which is used to start a business and company, obtain staff, solve tax problems, acquire the office for one year, get a fully working gold recovery production plant, small machinery, necessary pumps, and safety measures;

  2. in addition to that amount one would need few more thousands in order to cover the operating expenses of labor, diesel or gasoline, and other energy, food, transport and work expenses;

In general, we recommend at last US $30,000 for the gold mining business with the foundation of team of workers, miners, diggers, instead of an excavator.

The true minimal investment amounts for a serious operation are way above US $100,000.

In order to start without large equipment, you do need minimally some US $20,000 to US $30,000. We can provide for some operating expenses even if the initial investment amount is low. In fact a successful gold mine should be sustainable by its production. We are making sure that production happens, and one may expand the investment once there is gold produced.

.Required Levels of Investment |=== | Level of Investment | Time frame to register company | Time frame to start mining | Service Fee | Recommended Reserves | Equipment Capacity

| Basic Start Your Own Gold Mine Program | From few days to one month or longer | Within 45 days after company registration | US $22,000 service fee | US $10,000 investor’s side | Up to 8 tonnes of soft soil per hour, plus hard rock processing using the Privileged Benefit, partial equipment supplied to client

| Full Start Your Own Gold Mine Program | From few days to one month or longer | Within 45 days after company registration | US $66,000 service fee | US $10,000 investor’s side | 5 tonnes of hard rocks per hour, 10 tonnes soft soil per hour, plus the Privileged Benefit, full equipment supplied to client |===

Serious gold mining startups cost way more than the above shown minimums. And such minimums are yet considered small scale mining.

When excavators are involved, one may think of minimum of at least US $50,000 for initial startup expenses. Such excavator would be second hand and would be transported from United States or Europe, it would take a month to arrive to Tanzania, and overall time for excavator from the time of its purchase to the time of its production start, could amount to 2 months and longer.

If we speak of small scale mining for a foreigner, one would in reality need way more investment and machines in order to run a productive gold mine with excavators, compressors, generators, trucks and off-road vehicles, and multiple SYOGM™ Gold Recovery Plants.

Investing with larger machines would provide more efficient processing of gold ore, and such equipment consists of following:

A sustainable gold mining business may quickly, within few months, turn into a public company with shares being sold on international markets, also attracting new investors.

We are going to provide the team to make a professional and functional gold mine.

Consulting and Guidance For Your Own Gold Mine

Our consulting fees are paid partially in advance and larger part upon the established gold production.

There are 2 different programs.

The full program is with US $66,000 where client has no further obligations, and where we are providing the client with a gold mining land and full production line for about 5 tonnes per hour capacity. Such program gives opportunity to faster achieve the goals.

The secondary method is with US $22,000 where client receives one part of equipment from our side, and other part is being borrowed to the client, worth about US $50,000 so that first 5 kilograms may be achieved. Client is expected to gradually invest. On the end of this program client is sharing with our company 2 kilograms of gold and has gained his first 3 kilograms.

Consulting and guidance in the first stage is complete once you have produced first five kilograms of gold.

Our consulting fee, depends of the initial amount and values of the operation that we provide to you. With the minimal investment of US $22,000 plus operating expenses, our consulting fee is 2 kilograms of gold while in the same time you are getting 3 kilograms.

In fact, you are not paying it directly, the gold mining plant is going to produce our consulting fee. And you will know that your production is running. Only then is such a consulting fee paid. It is one-time fee. You may continue working after the finalization of the startup program.

You may then continue to manage the business yourself. If you choose that we manage the business for you, we would retain one part for management and you would be paid one part of net profits out of your own gold mine.

Your Own Sustainable Long Term Gold Mining Business

The final product that you are going to get with this program is your own sustainable long term gold mining business.

The startup itself is such that it can help the miner or our client to engage in business with some first daily production of 5-10 grams of gold.

That level of production is thereafter expanded with more equipment and the application of[EQV formula] as devised by Mr. Jean Louis. With the improved equipment capacity, with raised level of processed ores, more gold production may be achieved.

So it is possible to produce several kilograms of gold per month.

Thereafter by using[privileged benefits] and already available resources established for the client, client is working to achieve the first 5 kilograms of gold. The daily routine may give from 20-30 grams to 100 grams of gold in that stage.

Once client have completed the program and training, the consulting contract is finished, and client may continue repeating the successful actions.

It is the process of getting trained, process of education, organization and management that is creating the sustainable gold mining production.

Estimated Gold Production

The formula devised by Mr. Jean Louis and used very much in the program[Start Your Own Gold Mine] is[the EQV Formula] representing the correlation between the factors: Equipment, Quality and Volume.

The Equipment factor relates to the actual and potential capacity of the equipment. How much tonnes of ores may the equipment handle? What equipment is there and available to handle the volumes of ores?

It does not say anything of the actual volume of ores being processed. It relates just to the potential capacity and increase of such equipment.

The Quality factor relates to the quality of gold, its shape, sizes, behavior during the process, it relates to gold purity and any quality of gold bearing ores. All those details matter when devising a system to recover gold. They also influence the expenses.

The Volume factor is the expected and actual volume that has to be processed or have been processed. The Volume relates to quantity of excavations and quantity of processed ores.

One such example of the calculation is presented here:


Tuesday 2020-04-28 (GMT+3) 15:43:25 - Gold Price: US $1729.53


(E) - Equipment capacity: 4.00 tonnes per hour (Q) - Quality of gold and ores: 3.00 grams per tonne, of 95% pure gold

(V) - Volume of ores to process: 40 tonnes per day in 10 working hours

EQV = Gold Production (idealistic estimate):

Daily estimate: 114.00 grams per day or US $6,339, EUR 5,875, TZS 14,671,091 Monthly estimate: 3,420 grams per month, or US $180,662, EUR 176,277, TZS 440,132,749

Yearly estimate: 41,040 grams per year, or US $2,282,057, EUR 2,115,327, TZS 5,281,592,994

Expanded EQV formula, income without overall and full expenses:

Running expenses (not accurate) in US $252,333, EUR 233,897, TZS 584,000,000 per year

ESTIMATED YEARLY INCOME: Income for CLIENT IN SYOGM PROGRAM is US $2,029,724, EUR 1,881,430, TZS 4,697,592,994 Monthly income, after expenses: US $169,143, EUR 156,785, TZS 391,466,082 ```

How to Start Your Own Gold Mine

If you wish to start with the program, sign up for the follow-up instructions.


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