Infographics for Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection

Infographics for Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection

This is infographics for Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection that we conduct before making the decision to enter the partnership with mining site holder or license holder in Tanzania, Uganda or other countries where Start Your Own Gold Mine program is available. Mr. Jean Louis and the team are inspecting the mining site for its living and working resources, previous gold mining activities, and preparation of future mining site development.


Introduction and approval for Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection

Before important decisions can be made in relation to a mining site, our company is conducting a Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection project that has the purpose to diligently assess and analyze the life and business resources available on the mining site in order to understand what is needed and wanted for living and mining activities in the future, as also the previous gold mining history.

Following information is gathered and assessed in relation to the mining site:

  1. The legality of the license, current situation in relation to the license, the ownership of the land, and any other legal issues;

  2. Upon arrival to the mining site, we are making sure to have immediately the living resources for our team members, such as food, and when necessary accommodation, and some tools.

  3. We are determining exact location of the mining site, we may use the GPS and verify the corners of the mining site. We are also to determine if any previous excavations and resources are located on the mining site or outside of the boundaries of the mining site.

  4. We are searching for possible water sources for mining and living purposes. Water being most important factor for recovery of gold has the priorities. We may find solutions to bring water to the mining site or to tranport eventually ores to other places where it may be processed with purpose of recovery of gold.

  5. Then we are reviewing the operational history and we verify any available access to ores and availability of gold in soil or in rocks.

  6. We are also reviewing the living resources such as drinking water, availability of food and similar.

  7. We review the communication resources on the mining site, radio call, the mobile networks.

  8. We review all available business resources, the gold recovery plants, equipment, quality of gold, and any other business resources.

  9. We assess the safety on the mining site.

  10. We assess the nearest village or town in relation to its development, and what resources may it offer to us, such as technicians, hospital, food, timber, and similar.

  11. We assess the possible mercury pollution on mining site and around.

  12. We assess the possibilities for the accommodation for future activities on same mining sites.

  13. We may inform the mining site holder about our findings and preliminary conclusions.

  14. We analyze the information gathered and finalize the report which is usually done at our headquarters, and once done, we make conclusions and recommendations for the next step of the mining site development.

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