Contact Start Your Own Gold Mine

Contact Start Your Own Gold Mine

Jean Louis, mentor

Hello, and welcome to my program to Start Your Own Gold Mine. You are here because you wish to know more about our company, about me, or about our director, associates or services and consulting that we offer. Thank you for your attention and good intention.

It is easy to contact us by email: Just click there, you should be able to send us email right away.

If you wish to call, remember, we may not answer immediately, but please leave a message, as we always answer back. No message, no call back!

Your calls may be monitored and recorded for record-keeping, training and quality-assurance purposes.

To call directly mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine Mr. Jean Louis, and to speak directly, please see information below published on each page, about his current location and phone number.

You are welcome to call: +256 (706) 271-008 in Uganda.

To call our Communications and Reporting Officer I/C in Tanzania, please dial +255-626-100-000 or send SMS.

Our company Start Your Own Gold Mine is having its headquarters in the city Tacoma, Washington, in United States.

Our address in United States

Start Your Own Gold Mine
1009 138TH ST CT S
Tacoma, WA 98444

Authorized sales representatives

The authorized sales representatives for the program Start Your Own Gold Mine are my other 2 companies Mercury Free Gold Recovery Limited and GOLDIVANTI LP as those two companies were involved in creation of this business program.

Our business license

We hold a business license in the State of Washington for the trade name Start Your Own Gold Mine.

Bank account

Our bank account is with the Wells Fargo bank in Tacoma, Washington.

Our address in Tanzania

Bomani Street


We may do meetings in United States, European countries and in Tanzania and Uganda.

Depending of the future projects, we may meet with people in Papua New Guinea, or Ghana, Mexico, anywhere.

Meetings take time, energy and money. You may be asked to cover our travel and daily expenses.

We work on projects with highly projected income, and separating time for meetings must be done by careful planning. Consulting fees may be in thousands of dollars per week.

Delegation of services

Our service as explained on the [website][syogm] and by emails, may be delegated to connected companies and entities. We may use all our available resources, including our connected companies in Tanzania and other countries.

Our directors

Our director is United States is Mr. Rick Phipps. Director in East Africa is Mr. Jean Louis

Mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine

Our mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine, the man in the bush, is Mr. Jean Louis.

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Contact us to Start Your Own Gold Mine

Contact us to Start Your Own Gold Mine. There is a simple rule at Start Your Own Gold Mine: if we can help you, we do, whenever and wherever necessary, and it's the way we've been doing business since 2002, and the only way we know

Contact Mr. Jean Louis by Telegram icon Telegram at username @rcdrun or by WhatsApp icon WhatsApp Business. Or call Mr. Louis at +256706271008 in Uganda or send SMS to +256706271008

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