About mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine, Mr. Jean Louis

About mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine, Mr. Jean Louis

This page is telling you about the mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine, Mr. Jean Louis, little about his life story and background in teaching and consulting for business startups.


Mr. Jean Louis, born in 1973, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by officially establishing his first company on his 18th birthday. However, it is worth mentioning that he had been involved in business activities since the age of 14.

Initially conducting business in former Yugoslavia, Mr. Louis expanded his ventures to various countries including Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Tanzania, and Uganda. Along the way, he served as a consultant for entities such as the state theater of Innsbruck in Austria.

Throughout his career, Mr. Louis has assisted numerous entrepreneurs worldwide in establishing their own businesses across various industries, including restaurants, mobile SMS, gold trade, dropship, communication, and transport. With his expertise in international corporate laws, he has provided guidance on business startups and asset protection since 2002.

Notably, Mr. Louis possesses exceptional skills in remote management and delegation, allowing him to effectively oversee multiple teams in different countries simultaneously.

Above all, Mr. Louis places great emphasis on communication as the top priority in all business endeavors.

The motto “Communication is Number One Priority” serves as the guiding principle for Mr. Louis. He applies this philosophy in his role as the consultant and trainer for Start Your Own Gold Mine, providing personalized and face-to-face consulting to clients.

Mr. Louis has a long history of teaching and sharing knowledge. From the age of 16, he started offering computer and programming courses, empowering individuals with no prior computing experience to learn and apply their newfound skills in tasks such as conducting experiments, calculations, invoicing, and optimizing business processes.

His educational background includes graduating from a metal school as a technician in former Yugoslavia. Additionally, he pursued management courses in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1998 and 1999, further expanding his expertise in business operations and strategies.

For individuals seeking guidance and training in starting their own gold mining ventures, Mr. Louis and the Start Your Own Gold Mine program are dedicated to providing invaluable support, emphasizing effective communication throughout the process.

Brief business history

Skills of Mr. Louis

  1. Programming in Perl, BASIC, Logo, Scheme, Lisp, Bash, and teaching programming.
  2. Database and information technology skills, including banking software, accountancy software, and Enterprise Resource Planning.
  3. Gold prospecting skills for alluvial and lode gold, handling gold recovery equipment, crushers, grinding, fine gold recovery, sluices, etc.
  4. Management skills including business planning, recruitment, supervision, organization, and product management.
  5. Contract negotiations and analysis of joint ventures and investment contracts.
  6. Consulting on business improvement, worldwide company incorporation and registration, knowledge of U.S. and European corporate law.
  7. Leadership and management of a diamond polishing office, expertise in gemstone polishing.
  8. Fluent in English, German, Italian, Serbocroatian, with some knowledge of Swahili.
  9. International trade skills.
  10. Market research knowledge.
  11. Knowledge of minerals, gold, precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, and mining techniques.

Pictures of Louis in action

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