Services of Start Your Own Gold Mine company

Services provided by Start Your Own Gold Mine company

Start Your Own Gold Mine company provides various services including the management of gold mining sites, management of mineral rights, prospecting services, then sales of mining and prospecting equipment, training, consulting, sales of ores, evaluation and assaying services of ores, gold and other minerals. We try to help our clients whenever possible. Foreign investors require assistance in Tanzania to bring the vehicles, machinery, to purchase the proper equipment for mining, to know the local customs, tradition, rules and laws. We are providing assistance and support for mining businesses in Tanzania and in other countries.

Services to Start Your Own Gold Mine

  1. Start Your Own Gold Mine program is the unique service, the assistance to local and foreign investors, to form a joint venture with the local gold mining site, so that a gold mining startup may come into the existence. This service creates a new business on a new and unique location. The client is guided and consulted, and pays the initial fee of US $22,000, where it is expected that client has additional funds to finance the gold mining startup. During the production of the first 5 kilograms, client is assisted by our company Start Your Own Gold Mine and our people on the ground to establish the company, to find the suitable good mining site, where gold may be produced, and to start producing gold. We may borrow parts of our equipment, machinery, and support the client with ready resources. Client is to share 2 kilograms with our company, and may retain 3 kilograms as profit. The service is meant for beginners and people who wish to start in small scale mining with minimized risks. It does not include heavy machinery and relies on the labor work on the ground. It includes the SYOGM™ Gold Recovery Plant that may help the client process even 80 tonnes of soft ores per day. Our company is investing into this kind of startups, and for this reason we are asking share of 2 kilograms, while client retains 3 kilograms of gold.

  2. The variety of the Start Your Own Gold Mine program is the service without commitment by the client to produce 5 kilograms of gold. This way, client may enjoy the full profit benefits of the program, and may quickly start into the production. The gold mining site will be chosen based upon the determination of the gold, water sources and previous history of the mining site. Client is to be provided a gold mining site with ore in sight or ore partially blocked, so that production may take place immediately. This is a small scale mining program. Full equipment is included to process and handle the soft ores, easily 80 tonnes per day, to process the gravel, soil, and to crush hard rocks, mill the ores, and process again with the capacity of minimum 1 tonne per hour. In this variety of the program Start Your Own Gold Mine, our company is not investing in the business, and client is paying for the expenses of the consultancy, and also the expenses of the equipment required. The full fee for the business startup, consulting, full equipment necessary to handle all three types of ores is US $64,000. Fee is payable in advance, and after meeting with the company representatives.

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Current Gold and Silver Price

Current gold price as of March 13th 2021 is US $55.52 per gram or US $55526 per kilogram. Current silver price is US $25.93 per ounce or US $0.91 per gram or US $910 per kilogram.

Call Communication and Reporting Officer I/C of Start Your Own Gold Mine company in Tanzania, Mrs. Happiness Njela, on +256771843538

If you wish to call mentor Mr. Jean Louis for anything relating to Start Your Own Gold Mine simply call the number or on mobile devices click on this phone number +256771843538 to get immediately in touch, regardless of the time zone.

Current location of Mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine

I am Mr. Jean Louis, mentor for Start Your Own Gold Mine program and I am currently located in Kampala, Uganda, preparing for the departure to new mining site on behalf of one of our clients.

I am managing teams of people in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania on distance and exploration and gold mining face to face. We are also promoting our Tanzanite gemstone inventory.

You will need either to contact me or Communication and Reporting Officer I/C and geologist, Mrs. Happiness Njela in Tanzania as described.

Contact us to Start Your Own Gold Mine

Contact us to Start Your Own Gold Mine. There is a simple rule at Start Your Own Gold Mine: if we can help you, we do, whenever and wherever necessary, and it's the way we've been doing business since 2002, and the only way we know

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