Timeline of development of the Start Your Own Gold Mine business startup program

Timeline of Start Your Own Gold Mine business startup program

In the year 2002

Mr. Jean Louis started providing business startup and consulting services to individual businessmen worldwide.

From 2002 to 2009

Few kilograms of gold in the vaults of Switzerland and London were traded internationally.

In the year 2009

Special background company have been established with the purposes to provide global and turnkey business. The company is still in existence and is holder of intellectual property rights and serves the principals.

November 3rd 2009, MOBIVANTI LP company registered

The company was registered with the purpose to participate in the premium SMS business in Europe.

The business have been advised by client who have not complied to the regulations and caused troubles. All business have been canceled with the client.

Market research have been conducted in Europe, and for several markets company started with investments.

Begin of 2010

The market research have been finished and partner company have been opened in Croatia. The first gold trading company started doing business very well and have been marketing all over the Balkan area, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia. Business was running very well.

Begin of 2011

Due to our marketing in Balkan area, multiple other gold trading businesses also known gold for cash businesses opened all over the Balkan area.

During 2011

We have decided to take one part of the wholesale trade and have opened a gold refinery company in Slovenia, so take over one part of gold trading market from Balkan area.

Gold was sold to Italy, Germany, Austria, and United Kingdom.

One kilogram of gold stolen by FeDeX

The agent that was shipping the gold from Croatia to Germany for the sale, "forgot" to insure the parcel. The claim was that he was "not instructed". But previous parcel was insured and he was instructed.

Despite the clear advise that agent shall not visit the offices of FeDeX as they asked for a meeting he went to the meeting. On the meeting it was said that FeDeX guarantees for the shipment of gold, and it is in fact part of the law in Croatia that shipping company guarantees for the valuables as long as the invoice is disclosed.

Parcel got stuck in France, gold was stolen and empty parcel arrived to Germany.

FeDeX promised to pay back the funds, and asked for the form to be filled in for the refund.

They sabotaged the process and never paid back the money.


The company MOBIVANTI LP changed its name to GOLDIVANTI LP and business purposes were envisioned with the direction of gold trade, investment into minerals and diamonds.

New partners accepted and with new capital we continued trading gold

Huge marketing engaged from 2011 and 2012

Huge marketing was engaged to find suppliers of gold anywhere in the world. Multiple financial companies expressed their intention to help us with the bank of guarantee and various backups for larger gold trade transactions.


2018-12-18, I have stopped writing this page here until I continue later. TODO.

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Current Gold and Silver Price

Current gold price as of March 13th 2021 is US $55.52 per gram or US $55526 per kilogram. Current silver price is US $25.93 per ounce or US $0.91 per gram or US $910 per kilogram.

Call Communication and Reporting Officer I/C of Start Your Own Gold Mine company in Tanzania, Mrs. Happiness Njela, on +256771843538

If you wish to call mentor Mr. Jean Louis for anything relating to Start Your Own Gold Mine simply call the number or on mobile devices click on this phone number +256771843538 to get immediately in touch, regardless of the time zone.

Current location of Mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine

I am Mr. Jean Louis, mentor for Start Your Own Gold Mine program and I am currently located in Kampala, Uganda, preparing for the departure to new mining site on behalf of one of our clients.

I am managing teams of people in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania on distance and exploration and gold mining face to face. We are also promoting our Tanzanite gemstone inventory.

You will need either to contact me or Communication and Reporting Officer I/C and geologist, Mrs. Happiness Njela in Tanzania as described.

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