How we help gold mining license and land owners

How we help owners of gold mining licenses and lands?

Our company Start Your Own Gold Mine provides a straightforward, integrated and turnkey business program that helps the client to start in gold mining production within 45 days. It is carried out as consulting and mentor guided program.

We connect the owners of gold mining lands and licenses to our business program in starting new gold mining ventures.

Prospecting on the mining land

What kind of licenses are acceptable?

We focus on gold mining lands where there are Primary Mining Licenses or any other type of licenses that may be commercially used. We like to receive any offers with any kind of license, or offers without license:

If you are introducer, or facilitator for someone who does have the licenses, please contact us, and you are welcome to work with us.

If you have Prospecting License or Exploration Permit you are welcome to contact us to see how we may work together.

If you have Primary Mining License please contact us and receive the full information on what we offer to you and how you can quicker start in gold mining.

What information we like to know about you and the mining land?

We like to know everything related to your mining land or claim. Such information may be following:

This is your procedure

  1. You have to contact our company, and to receive some first emails and personal communication.

  2. You will receive the proposed, not final, but negotiable offer by email, fax, personally in the meeting, by phone. You can make your questions, answer back, and negotiate.

  3. After that, you will receive the invitation to send your copy of the license, or to explain your position. Some people do not have license, but facilitate between the license owner and our company. That is alright. Facilitators have their special share of income in such joint venture.

  4. With the copy of your license, you will get the invitation to COMPLETE your intention for joint venture. There is a lot of work before agreements can be legally affirmed, signed, notarized. Please HELP ME on that.

  5. You will complete the PRELIMINARY INTENTION FOR JOINT-VENTURE AGREEMENT with our company. This is preliminary agreement, that you are willing to follow this process step by step. After you COMPLETE this form, you will see how this agreement looks like and which steps are to follow. There is no income from this agreement. You simply confirm that you understand that we work accurately, that we wish to inspect your land, and review the feasibility of mining on such land. Facilitators may complete this form for their partners, gold mining land owners, who are otherwise not able to complete it.

  6. Once we agree on meeting you, and reviewing your land, we will need one to 4 weeks, to complete PRELIMINARY SITE INSPECTION. During this preliminary site inspection, we will sleep on your site, on your mining land, and with your help and assistance and with our people, we will review the rocks, take samples, review water sources, distance to energy, distances to roads, villages, towns, to medical supplies, location of hospitals, availability of workers on the site, the preliminary feasibility of the gold mining on your land.

  7. Once we have finished preliminary site inspection, there will be one more agreement on MATRIX GOLD PROSPECTING. Matrix is in mathematics, a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns. We will divide your land in rectangular shape by number of rows and column (this is matrix), and we will make GOLD PROSPECTING on those places. There can be some income from gold during this stage out of gold that is found on your land. The matrix prospecting will be IMMEDIATELY modified into JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT in the next step, as soon as gold has been found.

  8. JOINT-VENTURE AGREEMENT is when production starts. The matrix prospecting have resulted with GOLD FOUND, as result, and joint venture agreements starts right there.

Gold mining projects are run by following companies together:

Start Your Own Gold Mine
1009 138TH ST CT S
Tacoma, WA 98444

G/L 53 Gateside Street
Ste 22, Largs, KA30 9HS

We work together with other companies, and we may help you to close joint-venture either with our company, or with one of our partners.

Thank you,

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