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We, Start Your Own Gold Mine, have extensive experience in dealing
with miners and understanding the mining mentality in Uganda. We are
implementing a strategy to occupy lands in the districts of Mubende,
Kassanda, and Busia, which are designated for mineral processing of
gold-bearing rocks. We are forming partnerships with local miners as
part of our strategy to gain more gold with less risk.

We have successfully occupied lands for mineral processing and formed
partnerships in the Abim district. Additionally, we have expanded our
presence to the Kassanda district and are actively working towards
occupying many more mineral processing lands in the near future. Our
goal is to establish a strong network of operations across multiple
districts to maximize our potential for successful gold extraction and

The Executive Summary serves as a business proposal for partnership
with investors seeking a well-researched and experienced business
opportunity. The proposed mineral processing venture is sustainable
and scalable, leveraging extensive knowledge and experience gained
since 2012. The market opportunity is significant due to the large
number of miners in the districts of Uganda and the lack of
professional and efficient mineral processing centers currently
serving the miners. By occupying this market with our low-risk and
targeted strategy, we position ourselves to become the leading
provider of mineral processing services in the region, offering
investors a lucrative income-generating opportunity.


Mr. Jean Marc Louis
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Our focus on mineral processing rather than full mining activity
offers a low-risk strategy. We will partner with local miners who have
proven gold deposits, ensuring that we only process rocks that contain
gold. This approach minimizes the risk associated with processing
non-gold-bearing rocks.

The mineral processing business we are proposing offers a low-risk
approach for the following reasons:

1. No Exploration Risk: We are not engaged in the search for gold
   underground. Our system allows us to quickly detect the presence of
   gold in rocks within 10 minutes. This eliminates the uncertainty
   and costs associated with exploration activities.

2. Selective Processing: We will only accept rocks from local partners
   that have proven gold deposits. By carefully choosing our partners,
   we minimize the risk of processing rocks that do not contain gold.

3. Focused and Targeted Operations: Our business model revolves solely
   around mineral processing. This focused approach reduces
   operational complexities and mitigates the risks associated with
   full-scale mining activities.

4. Risk Mitigation Strategies: We have established stringent selection
   criteria to ensure that only rocks with gold are accepted for
   processing. This proactive approach minimizes the chances of
   processing non-gold-bearing rocks and maximizes the efficiency of
   our operations.


1. Ownership of Land: In our mining operations, we have taken the
   necessary steps to secure ownership of the land designated for
   mineral processing. This ownership gives us a crucial advantage, as
   it provides us with legal protection and complete control over the
   operations. By owning the land, we have the authority to determine
   the approach, optimize the processes, and ensure the long-term
   viability of our mineral processing activities. This ownership also
   allows us to establish a solid foundation for our operations, build
   infrastructure, implement sustainable practices, and make strategic
   decisions that align with our overall objectives. Having ownership
   of the land gives us a sense of stability and security, enabling us
   to focus on maximizing the potential of the mineral resources
   within our control.

2. Mercury and Cyanide-Free Methods: We strictly avoid the use of
   mercury and cyanide in our processing. This aligns with current
   government regulations that have banned the use of mercury in
   mining activities.

3. Increased Gold Recovery: By utilizing modern sluices instead of
   traditional wooden z-sluices, we can recover a minimum of 10% more
   gold. This benefit incentivizes local miners to choose our
   processing centers.

4. Mercury-Free Method: Our company takes pride in being at the
   forefront of responsible and sustainable gold processing. We
   strictly adhere to the regulations set forth by the Minerals and
   Mining Act of Uganda 2022, which explicitly forbids the use of
   mercury in gold processing due to its detrimental environmental and
   health impacts. We are committed to complying with these
   regulations and actively promote the use of mercury-free methods in
   our operations.

   Our mercury-free processing method not only aligns with legal
   requirements but also offers substantial benefits. Compared to
   traditional methods that utilize mercury, our approach yields
   approximately 20% more gold recovery. This proven advantage has
   gained recognition among local miners, who are increasingly opting
   for our processing services.

   Being the only company in Uganda that offers a mercury-free
   solution to gold recovery sets us apart in the market. We
   prioritize the well-being of the environment, the health of our
   workers, and the sustainability of our operations. By utilizing
   advanced technologies and innovative techniques, we have developed
   efficient and effective processes that ensure optimal gold recovery
   while eliminating the harmful use of mercury.

5. Advanced Technology: Through the use of US-patented technology, we
   can recover even the finest gold particles down to 5 microns. This
   ensures maximum gold extraction and minimizes gold loss in

6. Mineral Processing Income Source of 20%: As part of our Profit
   Share Agreement, we receive a 20% share of earnings from the
   partnership with the local miner for mineral processing. This
   substantial benefit provides a significant boost to our business
   revenue and enhances the profitability of our partnership.

7. Additional Income Source from Tailings: When miners process at our
   centers, a significant amount of valuable tailings remain for our
   business. These tailings account for about 20% of the previous
   recovery, providing an additional revenue stream. We process
   gold-bearing tailings using non-cyanide, environmentally friendly
   leaching agents and methods.

8. Gold Purchasing Income: We will purchase gold from our local
   partners with an estimated 14% difference. This creates a mutually
   beneficial relationship and demonstrates transparency.

9. Clear and Transparent Process: Our operations provide local miners
   with a clear and transparent mineral processing process. This
   instills trust and strengthens our partnerships.

10. In-House Expertise and Equipment: We produce and manufacture our
    own sluices, recovery equipment, and machines for rock crushing and
    milling. This ensures our full knowledge and control over the
    entire mineral processing process.

11. Environmentally Friendly Approach: Tailings can be processed using
    environmentally friendly chemical leaching agents, ensuring
    minimal impact on the environment.


Each processing center is estimated to require a US $32,000
investment, making it a viable and sustainable business venture.

With an amount of US $32,000, we have the financial capability to not
only acquire the necessary land but also establish the required
infrastructure, manufacture customized machines, procure any essential
equipment, hire skilled personnel, and create a compelling incentive
for local miners to bring their gold-bearing rocks to our processing
facility. This investment enables us to cover the key aspects of
establishing a thriving operation, positioning us for success in the
gold processing industry.

To maximize our potential, we can scale these small-scale processing
centers across various districts, including Kassanda, Mubende, Busia,
Moroto, and Buhweju. Investments in this venture are not limited to
the initial amount of US $32,000 per center but can scale up to
millions of dollars.

In particular, we will focus on prospecting and exploring lands, such
as the 100-acre land owned by Mr. Moses Tumuhimbise in Kassanda. Each
acre of this land has the potential to yield a substantial amount of

Investors can expect exceptional profits that are not typically
available in the European market.

We highly recommend investors consider opening gold investment shops
in Europe, as this would allow them to sell gold at a premium of 5% to
20%, depending on the size of the bars. Our association with a Swiss
company enables us to design custom gold bars and coins using gold
refined from official refineries.

Furthermore, we suggest exploring the manufacturing of jewelry using
diamonds and tanzanite gemstones, which we specialize in sourcing from
Tanzania. This value-added process significantly increases the final
product's worth.


We offer this business opportunity to investors who become members in
partnerships through written agreements. Investors would enjoy a 30%
profit share from the partnerships. For example, if we have
partnerships with 3 local miners, resulting in a gain of 300 grams of
gold, the investor would receive approximately 90 grams monthly in
gold or monetary value.

The 120 grams could represent monthly return of about US $6717.42.


The structure of the agreement enables investors to receive gold
deliveries in the European Union as tax-free transactions, maximizing
their returns.


We aim to provide several benefits to our local mining partners:

1. Transportation Support: We will arrange truck transport for their
   excavated rocks to ensure smooth and efficient transportation from
   the mining site to our mineral processing facility. This eliminates
   the logistical burden for miners and facilitates the timely
   processing of the minerals.

2. Equipment Provision: Miners will benefit from the provision of
   self-manufactured winches, which make it easier to lift ores from
   mining shafts. Additionally, we will provide jackhammers,
   generators, and other necessary equipment to enhance their mining

3. Technical Support and Supervision: Our team will provide technical
   support and supervision to miners, assisting them in improving
   their mining practices and ensuring efficient and safe
   operations. This guidance can lead to increased productivity and
   profitability for the miners.

Our mineral processing business offers local miners the opportunity to
access professional support, modern equipment, and streamlined
operations, enabling them to maximize their gold recovery and minimize
challenges in their mining activities.

For more information and to explore this investment opportunity
further, please contact Jean Louis, a mentor at Start Your Own Gold

                                                  Jean M. Louis
                                                  Business Planner

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