Screens being connected together

Screens being connected together

Screens on the sluice for gold are interconnected for a specific reason.

The reason screens are used on the sluice for gold is to separate the larger pieces of material from the smaller, finer particles. When the mixture of water and sediment passes through the screens, the larger rocks and debris are stopped by the screen, while the smaller particles, including gold flakes, flow through the apertures and continue along the sluice. This separation process ensures that valuable gold particles are not lost or discarded with the unwanted material.

By connecting the screens together, a continuous filtration system is created. This allows for a more efficient and effective extraction of gold. The screens work together to remove unwanted elements, enabling the gold to be collected and separated from the rest of the sediment.

Overall, screens are essential components of the sluice for gold mining as they facilitate the crucial task of filtering and sorting the material, maximizing the chances of successfully capturing the precious gold particles.

Screens being connected together

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