Ideal scene for geologist in Start Your Own Gold Mine program

The ideal scene for a geologist in Start Your Own Gold Mine program

The ideal scene for a geologist in Start Your Own Gold Mine encompasses various key aspects:

Firstly, the geologist should be flexible and willing to travel to different locations to undertake geological activities. They are equipped with essential printed handbooks and instructions, ensuring they have the necessary resources while in the field. Safety is paramount, and the geologist knows how to navigate mining pits in a secure manner, refusing to visit unsafe areas.

In terms of appearance, the geologist maintains a professional image by wearing neat clothes or a uniform that sets them apart from others. They don a hat or cap indicating their geological or mining work and always carry a helmet on mining sites. Essential tools, such as notebooks, pens, magnifiers, acids, geological picks, sample bags, and a camera, are always on hand.

The geologist provides accurate reports with proper referencing, categorizing them as either general or specific to the mining site. They follow standard geological report checklists and templates. Presenting oneself with authority, the geologist is able to direct individuals and obtain samples from various sources, including tailing stockpiles, alluvial ores, and lode ores. They possess the ability to measure stockpiles, determine the specific density of ores, and calculate final results.

Proficient in gold testing, the geologist can assess soil for gold content and estimate recoverable gold in tailings, alluvial ores, and lode ores. They are also knowledgeable about other minerals such as diamonds, gemstones, lead, mica, chromite, tin, and coltan. The geologist knows how to obtain XRF and fire assay testing and interpret the results.

The geologist understands the importance of obtaining permission for sample exportation to laboratories and ensures proper shipping procedures are followed. They possess the skills to analyze and construct final outcomes, known as gold recoverable and gold present reports.

Recognizing the impact of geological work on the overall business, the geologist excels in communication, fostering productive interactions with clients. They contribute to wealth creation by providing internationally recognized and valuable geological reports, maintaining membership in geological societies.

Overall, the geologist plays a crucial role in Start Your Own Gold Mine, actively contributing to the production of minerals and wealth creation.

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