Chromite Cr2O3 Concentrate Deliveries

Chromite Cr2O3 Concentrate Deliveries

Our company Start Your Own Gold Mine delivers chromite Cr2O3 concentrate to any country in the world. Payments for chromite shall be done before the shipping, rarely upon deliveries, that depends of the reputability of the buyer.

The concentration may be about 49% - 50%, contact us for exact assays and analysis of the stockpiles.

What is Chromite?

Chromite is a mineral consisting primarily of chromium oxide. It is commonly found in ultramafic rocks, such as peridotites, and is a significant source of chromium in the Earth’s crust. Here’s some information on chromite and its industrial uses:

  1. Composition: Chromite has the chemical formula FeCr2O4, with iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), and oxygen (O) as its main components.

  2. Industrial Significance: Chromite is primarily valued for its high chromium content, which makes it an essential resource for various industrial applications.

  3. Stainless Steel Production: One of the primary uses of chromite is in the production of stainless steel. Chromium, derived from chromite, is a key alloying element that imparts corrosion resistance, hardness, and strength to stainless steel.

  4. Refractory Industry: Chromite is also utilized in the refractory industry for manufacturing refractory bricks, molds, and other products used in high-temperature environments. Its high melting point and excellent thermal stability make it ideal for these applications.

  5. Chemical Industry: Chromium compounds derived from chromite are used in various chemical processes. For example, chromium chemicals are employed in pigments, dyes, catalysts, and tanning agents.

  6. Metallurgy: Chromite ore is subjected to a refining process called smelting to extract metallic chromium. Metallic chromium is primarily used in metallurgy, such as in the production of alloys for aerospace, electrical, and automotive industries.

  7. Foundry Sands: Chromite sands, comprised of fine chromite grains, are used in foundries to produce molds and cores for casting metals. These sands provide excellent thermal conductivity and high refractoriness.

  8. Chrome Plating: Chromium is also employed in the process of chrome plating, which involves depositing a layer of chromium onto the surface of objects to enhance durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

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