Easiest-to-use washplant for excavator applications

Easiest-to-use washplant for excavator applications

  1. The first step in using this easy-to-use washplant for excavator applications is to feed the dirt into the grizzly separator. This specially designed separator is able to efficiently accept dirt from the excavator while also automatically separating out large rocks and boulders.

  2. Once the dirt is in the grizzly separator, it is washed by powerful high-pressure water pumps. These pumps not only help to clean the dirt, but also aid in the separation process by automatically discarding any large rocks and boulders. After the separation, the remaining material is carefully verified for the presence of gold and its profitability. If necessary, the gold-bearing material will be crushed and milled to further enhance the extraction process.

  3. In the next step, a secondary separator is used to remove any remaining rocks that are larger than ½ inch. The same water from the previous step is utilized to efficiently separate these rocks, ensuring that only the desired gold-bearing material continues on to the next stage of the washplant.

  4. To maximize gold recovery, a nugget catcher is incorporated into the washplant setup. This innovative feature utilizes a double-bottom method to capture the majority of the gold particles before the dirt departs the washplant. By capturing the gold early on, the efficiency of the recovery process is significantly enhanced.

  5. The final stage of the washplant design includes an array of fine gold recovery sluices. These specially designed sluices are strategically placed at a distance from the main washplant to avoid any potential disturbances caused by vibrations or movements. The dirt, now containing a concentrated amount of gold particles, is smoothly transferred through a process of gravitation to the fine gold recovery sluices. The large and flat design of the sluice system ensures maximum gold recovery, actively minimizing any vibrations and water turbulences that may hinder the effectiveness of the extraction process.

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