Small scale mining site in Ghana, Soagum wash plant on the site

Small scale mining site in Ghana, Soagum wash plant on the site

Small scale mining site in Ghana - - small scale miners are washing gold on Soagum, the local and traditional wash plant. One may see how many people are working peacefully and handle much of ores and materials. Some small scale miners are carrying ores on their heads. There is an abandoned excavator on the site and multiple powerful water pumps. To develop a mining site with our assistance, please contact us at


In this small scale mining site in Ghana, a traditional wash plant called Soagum is being used by small scale miners to wash gold. The plant allows the miners to separate gold from other ore and materials. Observing the site, one can see the peaceful work environment, with many workers handling various ores and materials. Some miners are even seen carrying the ores on their heads, showcasing the manual labor involved in the process.

On the site, there is also an abandoned excavator, which was likely used in previous mining operations. Additionally, multiple powerful water pumps are present, suggesting the use of water pressure to aid in the extraction process.

If someone is interested in developing their own mining site with assistance, they can reach out to the team at for further guidance and support.

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