Final gold particles from the valley of Katojo, village Nyamatsinda, area of Rubuguri town, district of Kisoro, Uganda

Exploring Investment Potential: Final Gold Particles Unearthed from the Valley of Katojo, Nyamatsinda Village, Rubuguri Town, Kisoro District, Uganda

The gold particles found in the valley of Katojo, Nyamatsinda village, Rubuguri town, Kisoro district, Uganda, have been thoroughly cleaned after running through the sluice during our gold prospecting and exploration project since February 2020. These particles bear evidence of multiple impacts from rocks and boulders, indicating that they have originated from a different location and were not naturally found in the area where they are currently discovered.

Our gold prospecting and exploration project, which commenced in February 2020, aimed to pave the way for new investments in gold mining within the Rubuguri area of Kisoro, Uganda. Through this endeavor, we conducted extensive assessments to estimate the gold grade present in the region.

To determine the potential gold grade, we employed a method that involved measuring the volume and weight of the soil excavated during our operations. By carefully comparing these measurements to the actual amount of gold recovered, we were able to calculate an estimate of the gold grade in the area.

Throughout the project, our focus remained on identifying and evaluating the gold resources within the Rubuguri area, with the intention of attracting investment and establishing sustainable gold mining operations. The discovery of gold particles, showing signs of external impacts and originating from elsewhere, further supports the potential for gold mining in the region.

By conducting thorough assessments, analyzing data, and engaging in responsible prospecting practices, we aimed to unlock the investment potential of gold mining in the Rubuguri area, while ensuring the integrity and sustainability of the local environment and community.

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