Training is number one priority in gold mining business

Training is number one priority in gold mining business

Training is number one priority in gold mining business. Not the money, but training, knowledge and application of the knowledge. Knowing the geological areas even roughly in one country can help the startup businessman to spare tremendous sums of money. Types of ores, types of gold, directly influence the expenses in mining activities. Knowledge is again the key to success in gold mining business. Get trained in gold recovery methods and you will sooner understand how and where to begin the gold mining site.

Money is in gold mining business less important factor.

Let me say that so many people do have money.

So many people invested into licensing, and imaginative startups in mining.

There are many licenses in Uganda and many in Tanzania, Kenya, Congo.

All those people are more or less investors. Many of them invested 50,000 or 150,000 dollars, somebody 500,000 dollars.

And majority of them did not reach the business goals.

That is why we have the advantage over those who already invested but did not reach the business targets. We take the advantage in the business among many people who already invested large amounts of money.

Thus money is not the main obstacle but knowledge and capacity of application of such knowledge.

The service named Start Your Own Gold Mine provide clients with the choice of the mining land.

To make a choice is a learning process. That process alone is giving huge benefit to the client. And the process provides clients with learning, training, and practice of the knowledge in creation of new gold mining business.

From our viewpoint, training is number one.

  1. Training. This is number one. You need to have knowledge and enough practice to gain control over the futur envisioned gold mining and mineral processing methods and technology. The training encompasses making a team, understanding the product fully, setting up the organization, making a choice of mining land, Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection, understanding and having prospecting methods, and understanding the necessary equipment and processing of minerals. This is basically knowledge of a metallurgist and mining engineers, miners and geologists. Businessman does need this knowledge. Having money without knowledge is simply invitation for gambling.

  2. Equipment. Without equipment it is not feasible to even arrive to mining site you need to have equipment to negotiate. Without knowing how to operate your equipment, you cannot setup organization to run and maintain it. But with the equipment alone without knowledge and training in application of such knowledge it can become liability and not a money making machine.

  3. Geological knowledge of the country and regions with gold. To know which equipment is required, you need to have the geological general knowledge of the country, which means you would need to visit many mining sites within the country and understand the types of ores, and how such ores need to be processed. This is also part of the training and again the knowledge part of the gold mining business.

  4. Business establishment. This really belongs in the first place, but it comes to establishment in the stage where you are enough trained to know what you need to do, when you have equipmen and geological knowledge, then you need to setup the organization and business on ground. About at this step, you would negotiate new mining lands. This belongs to training and capacity to apply the knowledge.

And I have not even mentioned the mining land.

Yet, so many people focus on mining land. So they start with the rumours, with some wrong foundation about the gold and getting rich, they invest into licenses, and fail to understand the true geology of the area, they rather work by hopes and believes. Some of them are really lucky, majority is still searching for gold.

Our business strategy is to get trained in order to raise the capacity to apply the knowledge in gold mining business and then taking advantage of ready gold mining opportunities wherever they may be located.

Sometimes small investment can bring higher returns, but without knoweldge, businessman may not be able to see the opportunity and may abandon it before it has been even inspected.

Service Start Your Own Gold Mine is either US $22,000 or US $66,000. This is educational and training service that brings businessman one significant step forward.

You can now spend time visiting mining sites, while lacking the knowledge on how to use new modern efficient methods of gold recovery. And while lacking the knowledge to understand the mining site. What is then the point of visiting the site?

This is exactly what is going on over and over again. Mining license holder basically never had enough money neither any knowledge on how to start the gold mining activity. Then they are inviting new people who do not have the knowledge but maybe have the money to start the business, and it becomes the never ending expensive story.

Before visiting any mining site, entrepreneuer in gold mining business must know his homework and must know what is to be observed on such mining sites.

Thus the knowledge, training and capacity to apply the knowledge is number one priority in any gold mining business.

People like mining engineers, geologists, miners, administrators, they all may be very skilled in their specific profession, but may not be skilled in establishment of organization to run a gold mining business.

As subject of establishment of gold mining business is simply not taught in their universities. The subject belongs more to management than to mining.

Overall, there is no possibility to learn anything without intention.

Gold greedy businessmen have the intention to get it, and intention alone is bringing them to learn details and to undergo processes to understand where is the gold and how to get the gold.

With intention alone all the knowledge, training and the capacity to apply the knowledge becomease easy and smooth going activity.

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