FALSE REPORTS is major problem in getting gold from gold mining development

FALSE REPORTS is major problem in getting gold from gold mining development

Start Your Own Gold Mine program has been first time established in 2013 after several months of research and study and practical work on gold mining site in Tanzania.

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During many years of work we have concluded that FALSE REPORTS are major problems in getting gold from gold mining business and development.

Hereby, I am warning you that our major problem in getting gold from mining activities in East Africa is the distribution and relying on FALSE REPORTS.

Beware of gold mining land owners who claim “that their land has gold” as this may be most misleading statement that none professional mining company can be made to believe without facts.

One thing is “occurence of gold” which would mean that some gold is present but does not necessarily mean that gold is present in such quantity to be commercially exploitable.

Definition of the word “ore” is that it is minerals with the rock or soil, gravel, etc. that is valuable enough to be mined with profits.

We stress the fact “to be mined with profits” as if you only find gold which is not good enough for you to make profits, well then you got the gold, but not the ores.

An ore is a natural aggregation of minerals from which metal or metallic compound can be recovered with profit on a large scale. When the per cent of metal is too low for profitable extraction, the rock ceases to be an ore. The rock has to be tested to determine this point.

There are people and government offices that will claim to know “where is gold” by providing dubious information based on satellite, based on non-existent and false microlepton fraud from Russia, based on long range locators, fraudulent devices purporting to know where is gold located on any distance such as Titan Ger 1000 – those methods of gold discovery are FRAUDULENT – THUS BEWARE OF FALSE REPORTS.

Best way to discover gold is by drilling core sample.

Core sample - Wikipedia

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