Start Your Own Gold Mine Limited company in Kenya, since 2018

Start Your Own Gold Mine Limited company in Kenya

Start Your Own Gold Mine Limited company is active in Kenya since 2018.

Due to previous research and connections to valuable partners, and the avialable gold mining opportunities in Kenya, the decision to open up new business in Kenya was met at the end of 2018.

Today, the business program Start Your Own Gold Mine and mercury free gold recovery courses are legally provided in Kenya for local and foreign investors.

Directors are Mr. Peter Mwita and Mr. Jean Louis.

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Company provides the business startup program for small scale gold mining, sales of mining equipment, and develops own gold mining activities.

The office address is located in Isibania, Kenya. Just on the border with Tanzania.

Our activities in other countries, in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania, continue to exist, and we develop even more.

We devise, promote, educate and support mercury free gold recovery methods and ethical gold production.

Start Your Own Gold Mine objects for Kenya

  1. To provide the business startup program named Start Your Own Gold Mine as planned, envisioned and devised by Mr. Jean Marc Louis.

  2. To assist foreign companies managed by Mr. Jean Marc Louis and the foreign and Kenyan clients in establishment of new businesses in Kenya.

  3. To buy or otherwise acquire or to sell or otherwise dispose of any type of minerals and for the purpose of carrying on business as a dealer, to have possession thereof and to export minerals.

  4. To acquire mineral rights licenses for purposes of dealing with any type of minerals, exploration, prospecting, mineral processing, mining, partnership or joint venture with other mineral rights holders.

  5. To market and be the agent for other mineral rights holders and promote Kenyan minerals and mineral industry to the foreign countries.

  6. To promote Kenyaa to the world and to promote business and touristic opportunities in Kenya.

  7. To help and support Kenyan artisanal miners by promoting, marketing and selling the Kenyan minerals to foreign countries and fairly refunding the artisanal miners for their products.

  8. To help and support the Kenyan artisanal miners in terms of the safety of the work and their health and financial issues.

  9. To help and support the Kenyan artisanal miners and other miners in the country with the supply of the less expensive mining equipment such as explosives, jackhammers, compressors, proper and more efficient mining equipment, and to teach miners of the more efficient mining methods.

  10. To provide lapidary education and courses and certificates so that more people may learn about the lapidary works and become able to raise values of gemstones.

  11. To carry on business of mineral refining, then lapidary business, polishing, production of beads, and jewelry and other mineral based production or manufacture.

  12. To invest and deal with moneys of the company not immediately required upon such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be determined.

  13. To appraise gemstones, diamonds and evaluate minerals and their values within and outside of the country and to issue gemological certificates.

  14. To deal, import, export and otherwise acquire or sell laboratory instruments, gemological tools and lapidary equipment, chemicals and any type of mining equipment.

  15. To carry on any business of trade of any kind of goods within or without Kenya.

  16. To carry on any business of tourism, hotels, lodges, accommodation, sailing, boats, safari in Kenya and outside of Kenya.

  17. To provide any type of business services.

Basic Start Your Own Gold Mine timeline in Kenya

  1. Year 2002 -- business startup consultancy began by Mr. Jean Louis.

  2. Year 2009 - complete turnkey business solutions envisioned as turnkey startups for future.

  3. Year 2012 - invited to Kenya to verify the gold offer, instead we arrived to Tanzania.

  4. Year 2012 - business startup program Start Your Own Gold Mine envisioned and devised.

  5. from 2012 to 2018 - developed relations and pre-negotiated mining sites in Tanzania and few other countries, started multiple gold mining locations for clients.

  6. May 2016 -- invited to Kenya by one of potential partners Mr. A.J.

  7. Year 2017 - opened gold production in Uganda and acquired knowledge of resources in Kenya in the same time. Verified the gold trade market in Kenya.

  8. June 2018, acquired multiple new contacts if skilled people in the mining industry in Kenya.

  9. August 2018, contacted multiple people in Kenya presenting our Start Your Own Gold Mine program and the Skilled Prospector Course, corporate services and Tanzanite Apollo gemstone factory in Tanzania.

  10. October 2018, conducted short Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection project in Kenya with our potential partner Mr. A.J.

  11. November 2018 - While corruption based problems in Tanzania continued, in order to diversify the investments, we have decided to open up company in Rwanda and Kenya to expand the present business available in Tanzania and Uganda.

  12. December 31st 2018, company Start Your Own Gold Mine Limited was registered in Kenya. START YOUR OWN GOLD MINE LIMITED is private company limited by shares with the company number being PVT-ZQU39GB, and registered in Kenya. Directors are Mr. Peter Mwita and Mr. Jean Louis.

  13. January 4th 2019, preliminary agreement signed with the potential partner to process gold bearing tailings.

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Current Gold and Silver Price

Current gold price as of March 13th 2021 is US $55.52 per gram or US $55526 per kilogram. Current silver price is US $25.93 per ounce or US $0.91 per gram or US $910 per kilogram.

Call Communication and Reporting Officer I/C of Start Your Own Gold Mine company in Tanzania, Mrs. Happiness Njela, on +256771843538

If you wish to call mentor Mr. Jean Louis for anything relating to Start Your Own Gold Mine simply call the number or on mobile devices click on this phone number +256771843538 to get immediately in touch, regardless of the time zone.

Current location of Mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine

I am Mr. Jean Louis, mentor for Start Your Own Gold Mine program and I am currently located in Kampala, Uganda, preparing for the departure to new mining site on behalf of one of our clients.

I am managing teams of people in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania on distance and exploration and gold mining face to face. We are also promoting our Tanzanite gemstone inventory.

You will need either to contact me or Communication and Reporting Officer I/C and geologist, Mrs. Happiness Njela in Tanzania as described.

Contact us to Start Your Own Gold Mine

Contact us to Start Your Own Gold Mine. There is a simple rule at Start Your Own Gold Mine: if we can help you, we do, whenever and wherever necessary, and it's the way we've been doing business since 2002, and the only way we know

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