Please tell me about capacity of crushing and grinding of gold bearing ores?

Please tell me about capacity of crushing and grinding of gold bearing ores?

2019-08-29 Our local partner in Tanzania is asking about various parameters required to determine the rock crushing and grinding capacities, usually necessary to be provided to Chinese manufacturers of rock crushing and grinding machinery. We always recommend American based and European machinery before Chinese machinery, first for the moderate price, as when one knows where to purchase machinery, the quality and capacity of such machines are usually superior to Chinese made machines. Second because it is cheaper. Many purchase machinery in China, due to online marketing of chinese manufacturers. Pricing is yet still cheaper in USA, Canada and Europe.

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Such question is usually given by Chinese salesmen to understand what material you need to crush.


  1. People are using blasting, compressors, pneumatic hammers and cranes to lift rock ores from shaft. Size of rock is maybe 20 cm.

  2. Rocks are crushed with jaw crusher, see picture, the output size becomes maybe 1-2 cm.

  3. The ball mills accepts 1-2 cm and gives output of less than 0.2 millimetre.

  4. Material is then processed with water to recover gold.


Last time I was on your land, it was business of alluvial mining, and not rock mining. Your brother did not find good ores, thus purchasing any machine without knowing that you do have ores, would be expensive investment. You need smallest machine first only to make sure that you have the ores.

The type of mining on that location is processing with water, that means excavation, and processing on sluices, no grinding, no crushing required. Purchasing rock crushing or grinding machines would not be appropriate. Maybe you found ores. If you found ores, maybe it is appropriate.

That is what I know about your land.


We are manufacturing our machines, small scale machines, 500 kg per hour.

If you are buying ball mill in Tanzania, kalasha, that is 100 kg per hour, and it cost US $4000 or about 9-10 millions.

Our machine is 500 kg per hour, which is 5 times more than local kalasha, and it is US $2000 in price. We have 10 machines ready in Europe, and some of them we imported to Uganda and some ball mills to Tanzania.

Using machines requires face to face training.

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