When people inquire with us "having buyers" that we may send them gold...

When people inquire with us “having buyers” that we may send them gold…

This page is short description how having buyers does not really help those companies in East Africa. Gold buyers are just everywhere, we have buyers who pay good prices. Especially companies which accumulate gold in stock never lack a gold buyer. To provide some gold production we would need to have some benefits.

Today on 2020-11-17 I was answering an inquiry to a client we know since 2012. I have anonymized this message so that it may be published for other people to learn from it.

From: Mr. Jean Louis Kampala, Uganda Training administrators Day 2 of week 47 of 2020

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your message.

Do you know that we have a connection since 2012. That is 8 years. I keep all our emails. You inquired over XXXXXXXXX back then.

My name is Jean, European. I work with XXXX in XXXXXX, XX near XXXXXX when we import equipment from USA to Tanzania or Uganda. I am now in Uganda, we develop mines here. Main business is https://www.StartYourOwnGoldMine.com

We develop small scale gold mines. We are able to produce gold and we do so for our clients. Some clients are prevented for shutdown reasons.

This is how we melt and sell gold, this is small quantity, maybe 30-50 grams.

I know you have a buyer. And I have explained in past that we have buyers everywhere. Video also shows one buyer’s place. I am in Uganda and I do business in Tanzania and Kenya.

Do you know how many buyers are here on the place? They are everywhere. They will buy any quantities of gold without export. While it is not legal, they will also not ask for any documents or similar.

Reality is that there are many buyers in Uganda, in Tanzania, in Kenya. Majority of buyers will pay 98% of the world market price. This is very common. There are buyers paying 100% of gold world market price. And there are those paying 105%

You may see here Geita Gold Trade Center, it is in town Geita, we have headquarter there.

Geita Gold Trade Center - Soko Kuu La Dhahabu Geita - Tanzania: https://www.startyourowngoldmine.com/dpe/planning/culture-and-mentality/tanzania/geita/geita-gold-trade-center-tanzania.html

Geita is town of Anglo Gold mining known as Geita Gold Mining. They produce like 500 kg - 1000 kg per month.

Point of this email is to show that buyers are in East Africa already very present.

We do not get advantage if you just have a buyer.

We need some advantage and we will give gold from production to you or to buyer.

Example advantages you may give us:

What do you think about this proposal?

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