Plumbing parts and glue

Plumbing parts and glue

The plumbing parts and glue are purchased to create the spraying pipes that wash the material that is to be processed after showering. In general, the quantity of material being washed shall not be more than 30% in relation to the water quantity being sprayed. Thus an average gasoline pump that may bring even 80 cubic meter of water per hour may process 20 to 30 cubic meters of material which is usually equivalent to more than 20 or more than 30 cubic meter of sand or powdered material. Thus such pump is even 4 times more powerful than required for the process of 6 tonnes per hour. The pump giving 80 m2 per hour of water output may be run just on the quarter of its power to handle 6 tonnes of material per hour.

Plumbing parts and glue

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