Mwagimagi & Goldivanti Mining Site

Mwagimagi & Goldivanti mining site in Tanzania

The website for the joint venture of Mwagimagi Small Scale Gold Mining Co-operative Society Limited and Start Your Own Gold Mine Limited in Tanzania demonstrates its history, its operation, past and current production of gold, and education of artisanal gold miners.

Mercury free gold recovery methods and mineral processing is conducted near Masumbwe, Kahama, Tanzania.


The story in pictures on how we found Mwagimagi Small Scale Gold Mining Co-operative Society Limited

January 25th 2017

First we met Magdalena in the area near Mgusu, Geita. Magdalena have invited us to visit her mother’s mineral processing site to eventually find opportunities for partnership.

Magdalena visited us during the Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection on third mining site on which we wanted to engage in partnerhsip.

IMG_20170125_172441916.jpg SAM_0005.JPG SAM_0010.JPG SAM_0015.JPG SAM_0018.JPG SAM_0022.JPG SAM_0025.JPG SAM_0035.JPG SAM_0058.JPG SAM_0078.JPG SAM_0080.JPG

January 26th 2017

Magdalena provided us with few grams of gold, and we were supposed to test it, verify its purity and similar. We in fact have finished melting the gold that day, what you can see on these pictures.

SAM_0001.JPG SAM_0022.JPG SAM_0024.JPG SAM_0025.JPG SAM_0026.JPG SAM_0029.JPG

February 2nd 2017

We have visited the mineral processing site named Magdalena. And we have discovered and found out that their tailings is rich of fine gold, and that we can capture those fine gold particles. We have discovered more than 3000 fine gold particles in one Garrett Gold Prospecting Pan of soil.

We were discussing and finding out the source of the soil that Magdalena’s mother was processing on their mineral processing site.

The source of soil was at the place, that we know today to be the three licenses that belongs to Mwagimagi Small Scale Gold Mining Co-operative Society Limited.

IMG_20170204_141158129.jpg IMG_20170204_161911687_HDR.jpg Magdalena-zoom-17.jpg Magdalena-zoom-8.jpg SAM_0011.JPG SAM_0013.JPG SAM_0015.JPG SAM_0017.JPG SAM_0018.JPG SAM_0020.JPG SAM_0024.JPG SAM_0025.JPG SAM_0027.JPG SAM_0029.JPG SAM_0032.JPG SAM_0037.JPG SAM_0039.JPG SAM_0040.JPG

Between February 2nd 2017 and February 26th 2017

The ores in question were interesting for good gold grade. During those 24 days, we have researched the area, but did not approach anybody of principals of Mwagimagi Small Scale Gold Mining Co-operative Society Limited.

On February 23rd 2017, our facilitator Mr. Andrew Mnunke, have sent to us the Prospective Joint Venture Questionnaire and have introduced Mwagimagi Small Scale Gold Mining Co-operative Society Limited to our company.

Even 1,500 people were working on the mining site. It was true gold rush operation.

We have decided to pay a visit to location for the next day.

February 26th 2017

We have understood the location and water sources, and how people are operating.

IMG_20170226_112649191.jpg IMG_20170226_151339634.jpg IMG_20170226_162002462.jpg IMG_20170226_164822.jpg IMG_20170226_164834.jpg IMG_20170226_165537.jpg IMG_20170226_171318.jpg IMG_20170226_171322.jpg IMG_20170226_173240.jpg IMG_20170226_175749505.jpg IMG_20170226_175943353.jpg IMG_20170226_180143596.jpg IMG_20170226_180206563_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_180212.jpg IMG_20170226_180217571_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_180550194.jpg IMG_20170226_180912374_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_181324191.jpg IMG_20170226_183504775.jpg IMG_20170226_183508331.jpg IMG_20170226_183528800.jpg IMG_20170226_183814102_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_183853331.jpg IMG_20170226_191200.jpg SAM_0002.JPG SAM_0004.JPG SAM_0010.JPG SAM_0013.JPG SAM_0027.JPG SAM_0030.JPG SAM_0034.JPG

February 27th 2017

On February 27th 2017 we have conducted more serious investigation of the operation on these three licenses.

IMG_20170227_123226229.jpg IMG_20170227_131007686_HDR.jpg IMG_20170227_131338750.jpg IMG_20170227_132448418_HDR.jpg IMG_20170227_133631165.jpg IMG_20170227_170811183.jpg IMG_20170227_171254428.jpg IMG_20170227_173325822.jpg IMG_20170227_173941872.jpg IMG_20170227_173945627.jpg IMG_20170227_174109141.jpg IMG_20170227_174112011.jpg IMG_20170227_174516593.jpg IMG_20170227_180638908.jpg IMG_20170227_185617229_HDR.jpg SAM_0037.JPG SAM_0038.JPG SAM_0040.JPG SAM_0066.JPG SAM_0072.JPG SAM_0074.JPG SAM_0081.JPG SAM_0088.JPG SAM_0089.JPG SAM_0101.JPG SAM_0111.JPG SAM_0118.JPG SAM_0120.JPG SAM_0121.JPG

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