Gold mining locations in Kisoro district, Uganda

Gold mining locations in Kisoro district, Uganda

Our company in Uganda have been exploring and mining gold for quite some time. We have began our business back in 2017, produced a lot of concentrate and then after some interruptions we have continued working from the end 2019 and begin 2020. We started our work in 2020 in the district of Kisoro in Uganda, nearby Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our sites are located nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the first site is just nearby the Gorilla Valley Lodge which we highly recommend to our clients and associates. Elephants and gorilla are regularly coming out of the forest and sometimes coming straight onto us.

Gold Mining Opportunities in Kisoro District, Uganda

Discover the untapped potential of gold mining in Kisoro District, Uganda. This region is rich in gold deposits, presenting lucrative opportunities for individuals interested in the gold mining industry. From the fertile soils of Kisoro, valuable gold can be extracted and turned into wealth.

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