Preparation of pickaxe handles in our headquarter in Kampala, Uganda

Preparation of pickaxe handles in our headquarter in Kampala, Uganda

The quality of pickaxes in East Africa is terrible. They are sold in parts, metal pickaxe part is sold separate from wooden handles and neither the metal part nor the wooden handles are all the same, so they have to be prepared and mounted together before any small scale mining work can start.

Pickaxes are essential tools in gold mining, used for various tasks throughout the mining process. Miners use pickaxes to break up rock and soil, creating access to gold-bearing veins or deposits. They skillfully wield pickaxes to extract the ore or soil containing gold, breaking it into smaller pieces for further processing. The sharp end of the pickaxe is used to chip away at rocks and loosen compacted material, while the broader end is used for digging and prying. Pickaxes are also employed in clearing debris and creating pathways within mining sites. Their versatility and strength make them invaluable tools for gold miners, enabling them to navigate challenging terrains and extract gold efficiently.

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