Rudimentary ball mill startup

Rudimentary ball mill startup

This is classic Tanzanian rudimentary ball mill. It contains balls, it is run on diesel engine, it runs in dry mode. We will certainly convert it to wet and water mode, to demonstrate faster grinding. Its length is 81 cm, and outer diameter 94 cm. Wall thickness is 4 mm. Estimated fuel expense per hour is 1 liter. It has concrete foundation, yet sometimes just timber. Volume of a cylinder with radius of 0.47 m and height of 0.81 m is 0.56 ㎥. The capacity is 200 kilograms per hour or little bit more than one hour. Batch time could be 1 hour and 15 minutes. It has 47 rotations per minute (RPM). Critical speed for ball mill with inner diameter of 2.82 feet is 72.73 RPM. The ball mill with 47 RPM runs on 65% of the critical speed. It costs in Tanzania is about US $4,000 as of 2019. Our impact rock mills are 20 times less expensive, mobile, and more efficient.

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