How to prepare the square table oilcloth for sample mixing

How to prepare square table oilcloth to mix the sample

These pictures will show how to prepare the square table oilcloth or other type of plastic canvas for purposes of mixing the sample. The process is simple, find out what is the quantity of the sample, try to estimate the square size, find the table oilcloth, measure its width and if width is good enough for the sample size, cut it to the length of the width, and you have got the square. While this process may be sample in its words to some people, to some other people it is complicated. Pictures are there to give the mass to the reader so that process can be easier understood.

First step

Prepare the meter tape and find the table oilcloth or other type of plastic canvas or nylon that is to be used to mix the sample.


Second step

In the second step find the width of the table oilcloth, nylon or plastic canvas. Measure the width with the meter tape. Record the width or simply remember it just as our family member Adrian.

If you don't know how to use the British imperial units of length or United States customary systems of measurement, such as yards, feet "feet") and inches, then please stop right there, and simply don't use it.

Use meters and centimetres.

20190111_132310.jpg 20190111_132317.jpg 20190111_132341.jpg

Third step

Measure the length equal to the width of the canvas with purpose to cut the square out, and get the scissors.


Fourth step

Cut the square out of the table oilcloth or plastic canvas.

20190111_132641.jpg 20190111_132651.jpg

Fifth step

Prepare the sample and scoop to place it on the square table oilcloth canvas.

20190111_132701.jpg 20190111_132856.jpg

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