Dowsing exposed in gold mining activities

Dowsing exposed in East Africa

Dowsing or rhabdomancy is searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod.

We are exposing any and all dowsing methods that are too often used in East Africa, in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya by fraudulent geologist and operators who claim to be able to find valuable minerals by using dowsing and long-range locators which they call "detectors" but are nothing else but fraudulent devices.

Too many small scale miners and artisanal miners and their families suffered for wrongdoings of dowsers or "geologist" who claimed to have dowsing abilities.

Locating gold on distances of even several kilometers have been reported and exposed as false and fraudulent.

Dowsing is type of witchcraft. It is activity that involves sticks held in hands by which movements one could find water, precious gemstones, minerals, treasures. There is absolutely no scientific basis for dowsing.

The activity is not more effective than random chance.

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