How to obtain gold bars and bullion through Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract

How to obtain gold bars and bullion through Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract

There are few steps to follow on how to obtain gold bars and bullion through Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract with companies that have mineral rights and mining sites under control.

One need to obtain proper information of the companies and their business, to exchange the due diligence, and to fully understand the process of production of gold on the mining site.


About the Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract

The contract is legal contract, our companies are legally registered in UK, USA and Tanzania and you may verify it through attorneys, or company registries. You may visit us face to face at our location in Tanzania.

You may inspect the mining licenses, and make sure that we do have the equity and control of mineral rights on such mining sites.

The jurisdiction where such contract is executed is a regulated jurisdiction. We bank with world best banks.

Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract is the contract with payment for gold at the effective date where gold is produced on mining sites, sold for cash or refined, and cash or unrefined gold exchanged for recognized gold bullion, bars or gold coins.

The gold is then delivered to the client.

The contract is prepaid and duration of contract is one year. The expected delivery time of 1 to 2 kilograms of gold is 6 months. In the next transaction, the expected delivery time is 3 months.

The price for gold bars may be fixed to be 20% or 30% discounted.

It is the win win situation, both for the client and for the mining company.

To which countries we may deliver gold bullion and bars?

We may deliver gold bullion and bars to following countries without legal problems or special procedures:

  1. United States and Canada
  2. All European Union countries
  3. Australia
  4. Israel
  5. Dubai

For any other countries, client need to inquire with us, and consult with the accountant and customs offices if gold bullion and gold bars may be imported without hassles.

How to profit tax free by buying and purchasing gold bars?

In many countries of the world, purchase and sale of gold bars and bullion may be tax free.

That is the case with the whole European Union.

When somebody purchases gold bars and bullion, and is located within European Union, that person may sell the gold to the local bank or banks dealing with such gold, and proceedings of such sale and the profit may easily remain tax free.

In many countries in European Union, it is possible to purchase and sell gold bullion up to the certain cash amount without identification being asked.

Such is the case in Austria.

Gold bullion may be bought and sold in Austrian banks up to €15,000 without the identification.

The gold bars of 250 grams are suitable for such anonymous purchase and sale of gold.

In some cases, depending of the country, when gold is frequently purchased and sold, a person may need to open a business and may be taxable on profits.

The Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract enables the EU citizen to buy gold and sell such gold tax-free.

Steps to profit from Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract

  1. Agreement is to be reviewed and signed up.

  2. Due diligence information to be exchanged, such as our company information and your information.

    We obtain enough information from a client to understand that the source of money is legal. We may also ask for the utility bill and previous business that client has knowledge of, and general information about the client.

  3. Once agreement or contract is signed up, the payment follows directly to our bank account.

  4. In background we are financing the mining equipment and mining operation with the money, and proceedings from gold production are used to satisfy the contract obligations.

  5. We have got equity and control of several mining sites in Tanzania with good gold ores. The development and gold mining operation on such mining sites makes it possible to deliver the gold.

  6. The money is used to purchase mining equipment. The equipment is used to mine for gold, gold is then sold to local dealer for money, or exported to foreign gold refinery.

  7. Once gold has been sold for money, the new gold bullion or bars is purchased in Austria for European Union, in Dubai or Israel, or in United States or Canada, and delivered directly to the client. We will deliver the well known gold bullion brands such as Pamp, Valcambi, Argor Heraeus and similar.

  8. Clients is to verify the delivery and may also immediately sell the gold to the local bank or gold dealer.

  9. Delivery may be done by our European partners, or by manager in person.

  10. Client may control the operation and supervise our actions, such as the shipping of machinery, and purchases of mining equipment. Further, client may receive the invoices of such transfers.

    We keep our business transparent to the client.

    Client is also welcome to come directly to the mining site to understand the present situation.

  11. The mining machinery purchased is being used for the lien in benefit of the client.

  12. Once gold is delivered, liens are cleared, the client receives the gold, we have already received the mining machinery. It is a win win situation.

  13. Once gold has been delivered to the client, client may sell it in European Unio n or other countries, and obtain 20% to 30% profit on such sale.

  14. Once you sell gold, and you have with you €80,000 in cash, you also have the receipts of gold sale, which is tax free, and you can move cash over any border in EU. You should report on borders such transfer of cash, and you are fully free to do so.

  15. Some banks pay to account, but majority of banks simply give you cash, which you can then deposit to your account.

  16. We can help you open bank account in Austria, and also get bank safe when necessary, insurance is about €60 to €100 per year.

For how long is this offer available?

In the first transaction you wait little longer, expected delivery time is 6 months.

In the next subsequent transaction, you may wait only 2-3 months, and you can repeat it.

We have over 246+ mining sites to be developed, and this is very sure and safe way of financing, and profiting, both sides can profit and enjoy the fruits of the work.

We are in gold mining business since 2012. and we are here to last.

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