The width of SYOGM™ Classifier is 120 cm

The width of SYOGM™ Classifier is 120 cm

The width of the SYOGM™ Gold Recovery Plant classifier for 10 tonnes per hour capacity is 120 cm. It is constructed this time of the plain stainless steel or inox as found cheaply in Croatia, Europe, and manufactured in the workshop of our favorite and skilled metal technician.

The classifier is used to remove unwanted particle sizes, so that such may be analysed and verified if they need to be crushed and milled for gold recovery. Smaller particle sizes are flowing through the sluice, and heavy minerals are concentrated on the sluice.

Some details on this picture have been corrected in future, I would not advise making this grizzly bars just based on what you see on picture here, but you may try your best.

The width of SYOGM™ Classifier is 120 cm

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