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Malaki Jewelers - Licensed Gold Dealers

Malaki Jewelers is a licensed gold dealer in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They buy gold and pay best prices. Gold will be assayed by using the gold density scale and the XRF machine. The family is more than 100 years in business of gold. They buy gold from local miners. You are welcome to visit their office in Dar es Salaam located at Indira Ghandhi street and Uhuru Street in city center nearby Imraani Enterprises.

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Three branches in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Their three branches are located in Dar es Salaam:

When buying gold from small scale miners, their use following tools:

They can melt about 1,5 kilograms of gold within few minutes by using the induction melting oven. They have ventilation system and the exhaust fan that throws the smoke outside of the room.

Price they pay for gold

They pay 1% less the spot gold market price.

Understanding the price of gold they pay

They first need to melt and assay the gold. Gold alloy may have various purity. They will determine the purity of gold at the spot. For pure gold in the metal they will pay the gold price less 1% off. That is very good price for gold.

Their address and location

Indira Gandhi Street
corner of Uhuru Street
near Imraani Enterprises
Dar es Salaam

Their location is on the map exactly here:

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Gold is easy to sell in Tanzania.

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