Plan for Destruction of Mosquitoes and Their Larvae - by Mr. Matijas Imrešković

Table of Contents

  1. About the inventor Mr. Matijas Imrešković
  2. Plan for Destruction of Mosquitoes and Their Larvae
  3. Destruction of Live Mosquitoes
    1. Principle
    2. Principle of operation
  4. Attracting Second Forced To Common Spaces
    1. How to attract mosquitoes exactly where I want to
  5. Destruction of mosquito larvae
  6. Images of Mosquitoes

About the inventor Mr. Matijas Imrešković


Let me introduce myself: I'm Matijas Imrešković, an inventor from Osijek in Croatia, I have 64 years free with no strings attached, qualified and weathered advanced.


I am an electrical technician of fourth level, electro-installer, laboratory digital electronics, home appliance service technician, designer, pc operator, porcelain and ceramic artist, designer, inventor-innovator, performer of special equipment, stainless steel welders, ceramic tile, painter, drywall installer.

For my scientific papers I have a larger number of diplomas, awards and medals at national and international level. In the competition for the best inventor of the world in Seoul, Korea, I won 12 awards in 11 categories, of which Vaca award "Thomas Edison" for the best inventor of the world.

The biggest part of his life (30 years.) I have spent throughout the Europe on a multiform activities.

I was the controller and have serviced electric devices in the production of household appliances, performed electric installations in new buildings and the industry as a stand-alone installer, making the floor electric heating and construction of the high temperatures, a special kind of heat exchangers for pharmaceutical manufacturers, juices, beer and devices in the production of mineral water where a high sterility and stainless steel materials special quality for this purpose.

I have maintained and decorated the fairs in almost all major cities of Europe.

I have been trained by United Nuclear Company ( "KKWU" Kern Kraft Werk Union) to retain personnel and inventory of radioactive radiation in nuclear power plants, you meet up with people from all over the world and I've been through a lot of nuclear power plants.

I have long worked and managed mobile TV devices that were inaccessible for testing objects with high degree of risk disrupting the environment and human health, to the cooling towers of nuclear reactors in eletranama and their systems, then exhaust chimneys chemical industry (up to 250m in height) wells and drinking water for the consumer industry (eg. Fa. Peugeot Dꞌlill-in (Alsace-France) in the circle has 12 wells down to 56 m. and diameter 800 mm), control drainage systems of all sizes, and for elevator shafts due to damage and crack.

More camera performed its function serving as proof (protocols, images and videos) the completed work.

I designed from the experience of a stable and modern system and started making new special vehicles for TV recording and testing with European appliances and standards for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, SAEmirate, Australia, etc., I often because of the then American machine got problems the voltage in the devices that were powered engine with 115-120 V.

All I together well in the new mobile devices, where I initially removed the famous American mistakes. This period brought me the richest experience and pleasure (to create something). All work experience is not possible to convey in a few lines on paper.

My motto is; "It is true that I live alone but I do not live only for ourselves, the world did not bring anything, just so much I want to leave."

Plan for Destruction of Mosquitoes and Their Larvae

The program being composed of three parts:

  1. The destruction of live mosquitoes

  2. Forced to attract the common places

  3. The destruction of mosquito larvae

Destruction of Live Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are destroyed in several ways:

  1. The smoking guns from the ground

  2. The smoking from the air in two ways: By plane, helicopter

  3. The smoking with motor vehicles

  4. The smoking waterways from a boat or helicopter hydro

  5. The smoking wetland emergent vessels with engine


The smoking destroying mosquitoes is the same, only the way in which the smoke is transmitted different from each other. Mosquitoes hatch at all possible places where there is a minimum amount of water that is not controlled by man and not just water to mosquito eggs fertilized required blood of mammals, ie. The blood of people and animals of all kinds of mammals.

After mating, which occurs only three days after the first flight of the young mosquito (female) out of the water, the female lays eggs on the edge of the water surfaces that is raising the water or flood and benefiting water temperature higher than 11° C hatched larvae and the process has begun. In Africa, it is necessary to monitor the whole year because the heat of water is rarely less than 10° C when it encourages mosquitoes to breed.

Through good monitoring can be successfully used to determine when thrown follows young mosquitoes from the water and then make The smoking in the way that best suited for the occasion, and the continuous process can significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes that can go in your favor and weather conditions such as wind or calm the time that must be taken into account.

In Tanzania, the population of Aedes mosquitoes in large scale that are active mostly at night and in the early morning attack, which both man and beast and therefore it must organize job destruction, while Anopheles active in the east along the coast and on Zanzibar and is constantly active but should pay attention for tourists.

The smoking guns from the ground is good to operate in closed locations, large and small, where it can be easily and successfully do the job while for larger areas unsuitable, however, works with major devices that are appropriate for the situation.

For me, the most effective fields such small helicopters that I intend to rework for such actions because they are moving on all terrains and places these are not major consumers fuel.

Such helicopters is easy to learn to fly women pilots because they are confidential and seriously for the job than men, the easier it is a great advantage because it can take a greater amount of resources to the destruction and the team can fly longer, ie, stay in the air.

The smoking planes is a quick procedure on large areas which is fine but they are big consumers and make a lot of noise and have a lot of places for take-off and the entire logistics must be along the runway or have their own airport.

Perhaps these large flies caused fear and anxiety in the population because they have to fly quite low but the noise shook the heart in your chest when you fly. Some things have to accept that the better and healthier lives.

When a helicopter is much better, it's cheaper and so support is not as demanding. The smoking helicopter is generally better because it can be accessed and all fast or slowly and the most inaccessible places where the animals by mosquitoes carelessly served their blood and lead to increased population of mosquitoes.

On and around the water you can come and do a thriving business that is expected from the company. As I said there are a few ways to planes for spraying mosquitoes but I think it is not necessary to explain other devices because all is said.

Principle of operation

The smoking occurs in the device that produces a high temperature in the inner tube through the combustion of gasoline, around the inner tube even exist yet and the outer tube bearing the thin tubes that are leaking oil on the inside of the hot pipe where it says the smoke and rapidly goes out that can be planes for spraying mosquitoes or plants from insects. Around all this there is a layer to protect against the person serving the burn.

The indicator is safe to work and lay people because they rarely spoils in contrast to Europe where it is used Diesel that really stinks. I would in Africa used the domestic palm oil because it has a lot more than in Europe. Palm oil gives a much richer smoke because it is clean and not dangerous as Diesel (formerly known rush out large flame when treated with the wind because of rising gas left behind and lit up, that gas in palm oil does). Small flaws make big results.

Attracting Second Forced To Common Spaces

The manner with which to attract mosquitoes will describe or substance that goes into it means I can not. If the method of preparation and chemical composition goes public will not be able to sign patent which I intend to report to the beginning of work in Tanzania as this achieves greater strategic value. Tanzania has been listed in the state that are burdened by insects, transmitters of infectious diseases (Malaria) ie. Mosquito Aedes and Anopheles of them falling ill several million mixed population and dying around 80,000 people a year, so I was very important to my invention patents just from one of the loaded state because I think it will be taken more seriously in the public that something serious is taking in the fight against mosquitoes.

How to attract mosquitoes exactly where I want to

I make a great tablet, and ask them to take your meal undisturbed place in the city at the height of street lights, always one tablet. Scent tablets will attract mosquitoes from up to two kilometers in a circle (to two kilometers.). For every three to four kilometers raises such a collection point where they will collect mosquitoes in large numbers and they will be destroyed from the earth for The smoking gun of which immediately suffocate because their lungs were very small for such action which are unable to survive. The smoking for mosquitoes in this way is an ideal set up such an attractive place along the promenade in the river or lake where it is mostly couples and lay. It is possible to make automatic attractive places with sensors with a large population of mosquitoes to the device for smoking though turns on automatically and destroy animals present on such innovations will think later.

Destruction of mosquito larvae

The larvae are a very important element in the entire project on the destruction of mosquitoes. If this job properly inspired, the population of mosquitoes will get a new order. There are several ways to destroy mosquito larvae but I hold my ways which received high awards at international and world competitions for the best granules for destroying mosquitoes, for keeping human health and safeguarding the nation's health. My granules for destroying mosquito larvae won first place in the world competition in Korea as the best project for safeguarding the health of mankind, I'm proud of myself and my reflection.

Not every method of destroying larvae ideal for use on water and the environment as my invention granules under the name "DGO-31". Some are used and the worst solution that one can think of but destroys the entire flora and fauna and in its vicinity. Some examples may indicate that brought significant damage and for the environment and for animals from that environment. Throw oil on the water surface, which is spread on the water as a thin mat and coming close to the oxygen throughout the water surface and thus destroy the larvae of mosquitoes and naturally deliberately entire fauna in water, some have used worse means including gravel soaked in oil from the air around the protected area where the cast was endangered wildlife and the people who were in poaching or finely cut corn soaked in DDT and dumped in the environment in the hope that everything will go unnoticed but they also poisoned water and wildlife and among others, they were twelve of capital deer that are in torment died and made high financial damage and damage the animal stock. In a world lead to the Germans precision and clever, but they are not in all and not everyone, here's another true story, this is from Germany to Lake Constance. Also withdrawn attempt beach soaked in oil were thrown from helicopters that gravel in the water to defend themselves against mosquito larvae, there is the road immediately next to the water 50 cm in length of 42 km and is due to excessive precision gravel spilled on the road where it was damaged more the number of cars on the gravel that was falling from the air and the oil is difficult braking that was on the road. This place I know very well because I was there in Konstanz studied and lived alone 350 km further. Someone you would not believe what kind of methods people would not think of. I've debunked the whole group of people who were engaged in the production of mosquitoes that can from the city and state to get money for the destruction of larvae and the sum is not small and the larvae are not destroyed because it deliberately treated the wrong way so they are made of ice granules 3-5 mm in diameter that were in the air melted and fell as large drops of rain on vegetation where bees were opterećane to their health and keep the water drops are not worth anything. In this area, the hot hemisphere and it can be used in some northern areas where it is cooler. Upon learning that it was a conflict of interest that could not happen because they were involved government officials who were fired, I was under the pressure of their forces and danger to life. Maybe it was better if I kept quiet and received money for it, but I did not like the character. My granules made to better and more humane manner with protein soil bacteria. Name this bacterium is Bacillus Thuringinenzis Izraelenzis (BTI), these bacteria BT has more species or BTI is extremely designed for mosquito larvae and is not harmful to humans and other animals. BTI which I use to mix with additional elements as pure BTI can not be applied, it needs a vector, which it supports. The protein produced by an American company and to import the necessary government permission to import chemical ingredients, this procedure is needed everywhere, as far as I am informed, and to that is not hard to come by, but only is needed registration or additional registration if the company already exists. The finished granules are blown to water when the group leading monitoring determines that it is time for it. Throwing granules on each surface water can be fruitful only if it leads to a specific time when the larvae stage supplemental feeding, they feed on organic micro-organisms of which is our protein that is granular, larvae by digested in the body and because the bacteria microcrystalline properties it sticks to the walls of the intestine and the larvae does not allow living cells hose to circulate the blood and intestine was dried and cleaned, and the composition of the intestinal spills in the body from which the larvae poisoning and resulting sepsis and death. Our larvae deflection for fifteen minutes to three hours, depending on how much protein crystals was in her meal, this means that it is not us but to kill herself poisoned and died from sepsis, we can say that we have a clear conscience. The granules to water transport in several ways: spray from a plane as to fester land, spray from a helicopter, the boat manually throwing the smaller areas, from guns to the coast and as soon as one file, depending on the terrain, it is quite an individual thing.

Images of Mosquitoes











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